2019 St Patrick’s Day – How to Leverage Annual Events to Make Money Online

Amazon Affiliate Marketing for St Patrick's Day

St Patrick's DayMany times Online Marketers utilize Annual Events such as Holidays, Sporting Events and Cultural Events to market specific items for sale.

For example, the 2018 St Patrick’s Day is an ideal day to learn how to leverage annual events to make money online.

Directing St Patrick’s Day Revellers to 2019 Amazon Products

It is possible to promote items from Amazon which will be perfect for 2019 St Patrick’s Day!

Take a look at the following product categories and feel free to shop from the links and connect with Amazon to learn how Amazon Product Links work in Affiliate Marketing.

How about T-Shirts?

How about hats?

How about gifts?

How about party items?

This Is The Very Basis of Affiliate Marketing

Amazon is just one Company with over 488 MILLION products that you can promote as an Affiliate Marketer. You do this by creating appropriately themed website articles to include the Amazon Product Links that you see above!

It makes sense to include them on the easy-moneys.com website because it is a website about how to “Make Money Online”. Affiliate Product or Service Marketing is just one of those ways.

My #1 Recommended Website trains you how to create such Amazon Product Promoting Websites so that you can earn commissions. At Amazon the commissions range from 6% to 10%. A single referral may end up paying out $1,000s in commissions to you!

Amazon has something known as a 24 hour cookie – for 24 hours after your customer accesses Amazon to shop, any product that they purchase will create a commission attributable to you!

Leveraging Annual Events to Earn Money Online

EasterIf you are not ready to promote 2019 St Patrick’s Day, the next big celebration will be 2019 Easter!

If this goes against your personal beliefs then please exclude any promotions that do not fit your ethics.

For Easter there are multitudes of ideas:

  • chocolate gifts
  • knick knacks
  • easter egg hunt party favours
  • t-shirts
  • pet easter products

The list goes on!

Consider Including All Major Annual Holidays In Your Blogging Schedulle for Marketing Purposes


It is very important to schedulle your blog promotions through-out the year!

You want your online income to be distributed evenly over 12 months!

There is at least one major holiday or celebration per month that you can consider monetizing along with your blog!

Your do not necessarily have to open your own eCommerce Store to promote Amazon Products!

You just have to become creative with your promotions!

Cannot Think Of Any Product or Celebration Ideas?

Using a Keyword Research Tool can help you create a long list of ideas and topics to write about for your Affiliate Marketing efforts.

My #1 Recommendation for Keyword Research is JAAAXY! Just simply type in a concept word like “holiday” or “celebration” or “party ideas” or “gift ideas”.

There are many ways that you can utilize Keyword Research for both writing and ranking on search engines like Google and Bing and Yahoo!

For example, for writing ideas, if I type in St Patrick’s Day origin I get back:

  • St Patrick’s Day original colour
  • St Patrick’s Day origin pagan
  • St Patrick’s Day original colour blue
  • St Patrick’s Day originally blue

For example, to choose Amazon Product ideas, if I type in St Patrick’s Day gifts I get back:

  • St Patrick’s Day gifts for toddlers
  • St Patrick’s Day gifts uk
  • St Patrick’s Day gifts Amazon
  • St Patrick’s Day gifts Ireland

Can you see now the value in an excellent Keyword Research Tool? Please click on the JAAXY link above! You’ll be glad you did!

Now You Know How To Leverage Annual Events To Make Money Online – Even 2019 St Patrick’s Day

As an Affiliate Marketer you must begin to see opportunities for selling products all around you! Look about the room wherever you are for ideas! What are the last 3 items you purchased? What items do you use every day?

Think of items priced between $15 to $50. This is the “sweet spot” for “impulse buying”. Absolutely no thought or emotion goes into purchases in this price range for most buyers.

For Amazon Associates, even if someone clicks on a specific item link there is a 24 Hour “Cookie” which allows for any purchases made to be commissioned back to that original promoter.

Some companies have longer cookies! Here is my #1 Recommendation for An Online Educational Website that allows you can JOIN FOR FREE and promote for COMMISSIONS while a FREE Member! It teaches Affiliate (or product) Marketing and has a Life-long Cookie! This means that if someone clicks on your link to that website, you will receive the commissions for that sale if the member joins up 6 months later from another link!

Do You Have Any “Blarney” To Share With Us?

Happy St Patrick's DayHave you had any Affiliate Marketing Successes or Blunders?

Do you promote Amazon Products?

Do you have any favourite Companies that you promote for and receive commissions from that you especially like?

Do you like or dislike Affiliate Marketing in general?

Do you make money online using other techniques?

It would be “grand” to hear from you! Take a moment awy from your “Green Guiness” and pretzels and “spin a yarn” or two for us today!

“S-truth” is what we are looking for but “any tall-tale” will do!


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PPPS If you have any questions, I will do my utmost best to find the answer(s)!

11 thoughts on “2019 St Patrick’s Day – How to Leverage Annual Events to Make Money Online

  1. Kenny Lee Reply

    I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for a while and this is a great idea that I’ve never thought off. But for these pages to rank up in time for the annual occasions, they have to be published pretty earlier in advance. Do you have any idea what the minimum timeline would be?

  2. Forrest Reply

    I am trying to learn affiliate marketing but have never thought of promoting special occasions such as St. Patrick’s Day.

    When you write this type of a post, does this remain visible on your site all year long or, is this something that is only visible for a specific time period?

  3. Phoenix Reply

    Thank you for the information on how to utilize holidays as effective marketing and product pushing catalysts. I’ve bookmarked your website as I’ve noticed you have a variety of other helpful articles as well which I’ll be sure to look into. I’ll definitely be applying the knowledge from this post in my own endeavors and product sales.

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi Phoenix!

      Thank you so very much for taking the time to comment on my easy-moneys.com website article: “2018 St Patrick’s Day – How to Leverage Annual Events to Make Money Online”!

      I’m glad you found the information useful and I’m honoured that you have bookmarked my website! I try my best to share money earning concepts with others as there is more than enough online income to go around!

      I like to do things outside the box and be as creative as possible – keeps making money online fun and challenging!

      If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at the website email below. Please consider leaving me your email there and then you’ll be one of the first to receive my upcoming blog posts and offers!


  4. HappyB Reply

    Wow. I thought I knew most of the good ways to apply affiliate marketing.
    Thanks for this little gem.
    There must be plenty of calendarised events. I was thinking Mid-summer, Easter Equinox, Autumn Equinox, F1 events, world cups in sports. mmm
    You have some good examples there too.
    Got the juices flowing there, thanks.

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi Happy B!

      You have definitely caught on! All the Sports Events are perfect to connect to Amazon Products!

      There are pretty much celebratory events every month of the year! 

      I’m glad that you will find this concept helpful!


  5. ZEGU Reply

    Thank you so much for this informative post. The thought of utilizing annual events never crossed my mind. I agree with you that it is a money-making method that works considering Amazon has over 488 million products to promote.
    I am also into affiliate marketing. I consider myself lucky to have come across your post just at the right time before Easter Celebrations.I will take on your advice and promote something!

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi Zegu! 

      Thank you so very much for taking the time to comment on my easy-moneys.com website article: “2018 St Patrick’s Day – How to Leverage Annual Events to Make Money Online”!

      I very much enjoy Seasonal & Special  Promotions! There is always a way to include some seasonal item somewhere and somehow into a post!

      All the Best!


    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi Zegu!

      Thank you so very much for taking the time to comment on my easy-moneys.com website article: “2018 St Patrick’s Day – How to Leverage Annual Events to Make Money Online”!

      I love Seasonal & Special Event Marketing! There is always a way to include some product into a post or actually have a Static Widget in the Right Sidebar where you change in and out a new Seasonal Product from Amazon every month!

      Good luck in getting some Easter Sales!


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