5 Tips For Newbies At Wealthy Affiliate To Make Money Online In 2018

Newbie Money Earning Tips

Super Affiliate

Becoming a Super Affiliate Wealthy Affiliate is no easy task! But why not take a few tips from some of the Top Earners at Wealthy Affiliate (WA) and speed up the process exponentially! There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel. Do what works for successful online marketers. Leverage (sell Wealthy Affiliate Memberships) while you are building out your website Google ranking!

In other words, there is no reason why you cannot “EARN WHILE YOU LEARN” at WA!

If these “5 Tips For Newbies At Wealthy Affiliate To Make Money Online In 2018” do not earn you at least $1 I will remove my Super Affiliate cape!

Learn How To Utilize Your Personal WA Affiliate Links

Newbie Money Earning Tip #1

Affiliate Link

Really the most important focus is to complete the “Get Started Here” Training!

But, in my humble opinion, the goal of everyone here at Wealthy Affiliate deep down is to earn money online. Kyle and Carson do!

My feeling is that we can learn ways to promote the Wealthy Affiliate Website Platform and start to “EARN WHILE WE LEARN”!

Even if you have not written a page, you can share any of Kyle’s (or any other WA members’) Wealthy Affiliate Blog or Training Posts.

Affiliate Links Open

Do you see the difference between the Cover Image and the image above?

I have clicked on the AFFILIATE paperclip button between the Email Envelope and the Tasks Button above.

In this case it drops down two very different “AFFILIATE LINKS” that have your personalized Affiliate ID attached at the very end!

If someone comes to the Wealthy Affiliate Website from your Affiliate (Sales-person) LINK then you will get a Commission! Even if they take months to join Premium, you are registered as the first contact with the site.

Earn Revenue by Referring

You can share these Wealthy Affiliate LINKS in many ways:

(1) With Family and Friends

(2) On business cards

(3) On posters “Do you want to learn how to earn money online? Click on this link!”

(4) Learn to share them carefully on Social Media – each Social Platform has very strict anti-spam rules so do not use the links on Social Sites unless you are thoroughly familiar with the rules!

So this was Newbie Money Earning Tip #1!

Stay tuned for Newbie Money Earing Tip #2!


Newbie Money Earning Tip #2 – Did You know you Have Multiple WA Links To Promote?

WA Affiliate Links

Please get to know your WA Main Affiliate Link “off by heat”! It’s impressive when someone asks what you are doing online and you can whip off your link to them to check it out and take the site for a test drive! It is the alphanumeric ID code after [a_aid=yourcode] that is unique to you! It is attached to every page on the Wealthy Affiliate Platform as was indicated above in Newbie Money Earning Tip #1.

Please click on every link and see where it takes your prospective WA Referrals!

For example, your Main Link is the regular sign-up page which has just undergone a “facelift”:

WA Main Affiliate Link

Note the new wording “”ELITE Affiliate” and the 1.3 MILLION Aspiring and Highly Successful Internet Entrepreneurs!

The second link is the WA PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP Affiliate Link:

WA Premium Affiliate Link Page

This page is full of remarkable information to utilize in your WA Review Posts and Pages!

The third WA Affilate Link goes to the Activity Dashboard page and the website signup information will be on the top of the page:

Activity Dashboard

The fourth WA Affiliate Link is specific to the SiteRubix Campaign Signup– perfect to include in your WA posts or a Website Building article:

SiteRubix Affiliate Link

The fifth WA Affiliate Link is to create your own personalized WA “Custom Homepage” welcoming link campaign:

Personalized WA Link

Newbie Money Earning Tip #3 -Your JAAXY Affiliate Link

Here at WA there a very valuable tool for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) known as JAAXY. CLICK HERE NOW! Even if you are a Free Member of Wealthy Affiliate forever and you never join JAAXY you can still promote it using a JAAXY Affiliate Link:


The Jaaxy Keyword & Niche Research navy blue button is the one to push to check out the Affiliate Links:

Jay Affiliate Programs

Click on the Affiliate Programs icon above and it will take you to the next page of Jaaxy Affiliate Commissions:

Jay Commissions

Newbie Money Earning Tip #4 – Learn From The WA Experts

As you spend more time here at WA you will get to know the “movers and shakers”, the ones who are actually earning a living and making money online. Search for Success Stories in the Search Box. Look at the past Vegas Years and who attended due to their successes!

Here is someone I admire very much and learned how to “EARN WHILE I LEARNED” here at WA:

Making Money With The WA Platform

Here is my Affiliate Link promoting his Traning page which I highly recommend for more lucrative WA Newbie Money Earning Tips:


Newbie Money Earning Tip #5 – Use The Email Envelope Icon

Have you noticed on every page (except on Profile Pages) below the search box there is an EMAIL ENVELOPE ICON beside the AFFILIATE PAPERCLIP ICON? Did you realize that you can email any one of Kyle’s Training Pages (complete with video) or any other WA Member WABlog Post or Training to anyone via Email.


Email Envelope

The WA Email format seems to work best with GMAIL EMAILS and only accepts one email at a time! But you get a premade template email with the link that you want to share! It’s a “BROADCAST EMAIL” that you can send to your early on EMAIL LIST which is very importatn to begin to cultivate! You want to offer value and Wealthy Affiliate is definitely VALUE PACKED!

WA Email Template

Wealthy Affiliate Newbie Conclusions

Lightbulb Moments


I hope my easy-moneys.com article “5 Tips For Newbies At Wealthy Affiliate To Make Money Online In 2018” has brought about some lightbulb moments for you!

Please continue to follow and complete all of the formal Certification and Bootcamp Trainings! But when you get a break for a moment or two, try any one of these 5 Tips and then report back to me to see if they worked for you!

They sure did for me!


PS Feel free to like, share, comment or critique below!

PPS These Tips are available in a PDF / eBook Format for $4.99 USD! (There’s another Money Earning Tip -turn your blogs into eBooks!)

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