9 Reasons You Must Join Wealthy Affiliate

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There are many reasons why you might be considering earning money online:

  • you hate your job
  • you need more money for monthly bills
  • your retirement income is inadequate to meet your needs
  • you are trying to survive on a veteran’s pension
  • you are tired of paying off your student loans
  • you are a new parent wanting to stay home with your baby
  • you are ill and on disability
  • you are fascinated to learn if you really can earn money on the internet

And I’m sure there are many, many more motivating reasons. Perhaps you have just always wanted to write. Today’s version of being an online writer is known as blogging – you would become a “Blogger”. Blogging is something you can do online to earn an income as long as you write about topics that help solve people’s problems. For example, anything that people “google” about is fair game as a blogging topic.

Currently, you are reading my blog on an online platform known as Wealthy Affiliate. If you click on that highlighted link it will take you to the sign-up page where you can join for FREE and start building your own 2 FREE Websites. To be fully transparent, if you decide to click on the link you will be joining my team and I will do everything in my power to help you get started online. Then later, within the first 7 days FREE, if you decide to go Premium, I can offer you a Special Discounted Price of $19 for your First Month of Wealthy Affiliate (versus $49 per month). You can even start sharing the website on social media to start earning commissions of your very own.

So if you really are looking to find a way to earn money online, I strongly suggest that you consider joining Wealthy Affiliate and that way I will be able to make sure that you are on the right track to success.

If you need more convincing, here are my 9 reasons why you should join me on Wealthy Affiliate to start building your blogging business.

9 Reasons You Must Join Wealthy Affiliate

9 Reasons You Must Join Wealthy Affiliate

Reason #1: Earning Money Online By Promoting Wealthy Affiliate

When you join Wealthy Affiliate you can take the Affiliate Bootcamp Training that teaches you how to build a Wealthy Affiliate promoting website business. As mentioned above, whether you are a FREE member or a PREMIUM member you can begin promoting Wealthy Affiliate and earning commissions immediately.

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp

Earn Revenue at Wealthy Affiliate

Reason #2: One on One Mentoring From Me

I am currently a very active Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate and have been so for two years. I am ranked #81 of over 1.2 MILLION members. I have been chosen as part of a “Super Wealthy Affiliate Group” (SWAG) to promote Wealthy Affiliate for 2018 by the owners of WA Kyle and Carson.

I can be your mentor within Wealthy Affiliate and outside of WA too if you so choose but it is much better if you are a member then I can refer you to the same training that taught me how to earn money online and how to create my own online business.

Go ahead and click on this link now to check out my Profile Page.

About Easy-Moneys Profile Page

Reason #3: 24/7 Help Via Live Chat From The Community

Aside from my one-on-one help, once inside WA, you will get direct access to thousands of online marketers who, much like you, started as complete newbies but now run their own full-time online businesses.

Some of these members decide to stay on at WA to “pay-it-forward” for the help they have been given. Other members stay to keep on top of all the latest online developments and for the continual improvements in the WA Platform itself.

No matter what the reason for WA Members maintaining their membership, they are an extremely reliable source for information.

I gratefully thank my mentors within Wealthy Affiliate for helping me to reach this point in developing my own online earning money business and now I can pass the knowledge they taught me on to someone like you.

Wealthy Affiliate Helpful Live Chat 24/7/365

Reason #4: Thousands of Training And Video Tutorials

Wealthy Affiliate has the best online training for the price in my humble opinion.

The 2 main Training Modules are:

  1. WA Certification Course – with 5 levels and 10 lessons in each

   WA Certification Courses 5 Levels

2. WA Affiliate Bootcamp – with 7 Phases and 10 Lessons in each

    WA Affiliate Bootcamp - 7 Phases

3. The 13 Wealthy Affiliate Classrooms

      13 WA Classrooms

4. Over 500 + WA Member produced Training Modules (both written and video)

You can be assured that the knowledge you learn at Wealthy Affiliate is up-to-date, accurate, and reflects the changes in the digital marketplace. Stop paying for “washed up tactics that worked years ago”! Join WA today!

Reason #5: 2 Free Starter Websites That You Can Keep Forever

With your FREE WA Membership you get 2 FREE websites to build out 2 businesses or you can use them to learn and experiment with when you go Premium. These so-called 2 FREE SiteRubix websites are built using the WordPress Platform (over 30% of the web’s websites utilize WordPress and Google prefers it).

Even if you decided to quit WA you would still be the owner of your websites and your content. Nothing will tie you down to stay as WA. Your blogs are yours forever until you ask for them to be deleted.

And the remarkable thing is, you can build out a website in minutes!

WA Create a Website in under 30 Seconds


Reason #6: Blog Hosting Free at Wealthy Affiliate

Your 2 FREE WA websites will always be free for you to use if you join WA but if you want to use your own domain (without SiteRubix in the domain) you will need to buy it elsewhere (NameCheap Domains cost $4).

If you go PREMIUM within the FIRST 7 DAYS OF YOUR FREE WA STARTER MEMBERSHIP you get my Special First Month Discount Price of $19 (versus $49). With your Premium Membership you can 50 websites – 25 of the dot com variety and 25 of the SiteRubix variety. In addition you can create Subdomains and therefore host unlimited numbers of sites for free.

To explain this more clearly, Basic Website Hosting usually costs $12 per month from HostGator or GoDaddy yet on Wealthy Affiliate you can host 50 blogs for the Premium Membership.

I have a full 25 domains registered at WA – 25 x $12 = $300 that I would be paying monthly for hosting elsewhere but at WA I get it all for free.

Reason #7: At Wealthy Affiliate “Spam Is A No-No”

Unfortunately, within the “make money online” niche there are numerous scams to watch out for and avoid. It is difficult when you first start online to recognize the legitimate from the scam offers. “Hyped-up-claims” and “promises of quick riches” just make focussing on your hard work blogging all the harder.

At Wealthy Affiliate you will be spared of all the hype and all the scam-artists. When you join you will have a safe and secure environment to dvelop everything you need to start your own online business and SUCCEED!

All you have to do is get started with the training and do the work and everyhting else will fall into place.

There are “no upsells”, “no scams” and “no money-hungry con artists. You will have a safe community helping you to succeed.

Reason #8: Wealthy Affiliate Is FREE to Join

It is true! Wealthy Affiliate is FREE to join even without giving any Credit Card information. You can join incognito and use a stock Profile Picture. You can remain a WA FREE member as long as you wish and utilize your websites forever.

The PREMIUM Membership is offered to you at the Discount Price of $19 for your first month if you join within your first FREE week. Don’t worry – there is a timer which keeps track for you and guides you through all of the Getting Started Steps. Premium membership unlocks training in higher levels that will help you increase your traffic and earning capabilities. Remember though, you can still learn how to build a website, drive traffic to the website and make sales all with your FREE WA subscription.

Reason #9: Join NOW For FREE Because There Has Never Been A Better Time To Start

According to Kyle (Co-CEO of WA) “In 2017 there were over 3.75 BILLION active Internet users.These people were searching for solutions to their problems and purchasing products and services. This is your audience and this is the reality of the opportunity!”

I you decide to promote Amazon products, for example, there are 488 MILLION products to sell with commissions ranging from 6-10%. And Amazon is only one of over 100,000 such affiliate programs worldwide.

So now is the best time to take that step. Remember all those reasons that got you considering how to earn money online?

Well, I gave you 9 Reasons You Must Join Wealthy Affiliate!


I am online in Wealthy Affiliate right now so come on inside and say hello!


PS Feel free to leave any comments or questions you may have below. As well I would appreciate any liking or sharing that you would be willing to do regarding this article.


10 thoughts on “9 Reasons You Must Join Wealthy Affiliate

  1. RichPersonality Reply

    These are all great reasons to consider joining wealthy affiliate! A lot of people might think that it’s to late to build a website, because there’s so many people doing this already, but I think it will never be too late. It’s always a great time to start, because more and more people are actually using the internet, thus there is more demand for websites than ever.

    • admin Post authorReply

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on my easy-moneys website article: “9 Reasons You Must Join Wealthy Affiliate”!

      Your compliments are appreciated and I agree with your opinion that Websites are a necessary part of your Online Presence in Online Business! And it seems the demand is only increasing as you say!

      Easy-moneys Admin

  2. Shui Hyen Hiew Reply


    You have summed up 9 reasons to join Wealthy Affiliate convincingly.

    I do agree that if you want success in the online business, you need to have your own domain rather than a SiteRubix sub domain. Do I have to buy the said domain at Namecheap or Godaddy or I can purchase them within Wealthy Affiliate. What would your advice?


    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi Shuihyen!

      Thank you so very much for taking the time to comment on my easy-moneys.com article: “9 Reasons You Must Join Wealthy Affiliate”!

      You can buy your domain anywhere you like but you can purchase your domain within the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. That is where I buy my domains from – it is just easier and simpler!

      Easy-moneys.com Admin

  3. Hollie Rose Reply

    Wealthy Affiliate is amazing and I am loving the process. However, its not easy money- it takes a lot of hard and consistent work to earn commissions. I started it because I want to be a stay at home mom and be able to chose my work hours. While that has been working great for me, I’m not actually making anywhere near enough that I hoped I would. I still hope it will change and I am not giving up but its definitely not the ‘easy’ option out.
    Thanks for a great article.

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi Hollie Rose!

      I totally understand your commentary on my website name “easy-money”! In my case, my previous employment was very very difficult and high stress so earning money online seems so very much “easier” to me personally!

      Work is involved in any degree of success in any endeavour. How wonderful for your children that you are a “Stay-at-Home-Mom”! In that case your “hard work” is worth it I’m sure!

      Easy-moneys.com Admin

  4. Ken Vannortwick Reply

    Those are all great reasons to join Wealthy Affiliate. It shows that you are passionate about people. You are offering your own personal mentorship. You are a person that is taking your personal time and helping others succeed. We highly recommend you just for that reason alone.

    The training you are explaining is awesome. On top of that you can start for FREE. Who does that? The community is the largest and people in the community are always willing to lend you a helping hand. Just like easy money is doing.

    If your a new person, it’s a great place to start because you get the tools and the training to get you going. For people that have been trying to make money online for a while, your here because your not making money.

    You either need to learn how to get traffic, build your brand and need a mentor or coaching so you can start making some cash. That is what easy money is offering. Excellent post and thanks for sharing and caring..

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi Ken!

      Thank you so very much for taking the time to comment on my easy-moneys.com website article: “9 Reasons You Must Join Wealthy Affiliate”!

      Your comments are very thorough and very kind! 

      You are so right about being able to join Wealthy Affiliate for FREE! “Who does that?” as you so aptly put it!

      And I offer mentorship as I have had many mentors help me along the way! It’s the WA Way!

      Easy-moneys.com Admin

  5. Online Wealthmastery Coach Reply

    I agree that Wealthy Affiliates is one of the best programs to learn as you earn. It provides the best hosting, learning and tools to start your online business.

    Their websites come loaded with basic plugins that save you tons of time. They also have an inbuilt keyword research software that can help you rank and drive organic traffic to your website.

    I am one of the satisfied customers of WA.

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