Affiliate Marketing for The Newbie | How to Become a SUPERAFFILIATE

Super Affiliate

Super Affiliate

Have you ever felt like a “newbie”?

In the world of Internet and Affiliate Marketing it is an extremely commonly used term with severe outcomes if not rectified. Lack of ever understanding the big picture in order to create earnings is the biggest problem that I am concerned with here today!

When people join our teams and programs and platforms and ask for guidance and help it is crucial to to avoid  the pitfalls of the Newbie curse!

In this post I will review the following Newbie Solutions:

  • The Newbie Dilemma
  • The Lost Newbie
  • How Most Marketers Make Things Worse
  • Lack of Understanding of the Sales Cycle or Funnel
  • The Newbies’ Guide
  • Affiliate Marketing for the Newbies
  • Project: SUPERAFFILIATE for 2018

The Newbie Dilemma

The Newbie Dilemma

The Newbie Dilemma affects learning to market on the internet!

Have you ever had a new member to your team ask where the training is and you guide them to the back office and the archived and live trainings and advise them to take some time and dive into understanding your platform just to have your Newbie say “I’m so lost”?

Often they are overloaded and overwhelmed with too much information!

That is when you take a step back and re-boot!

The Lost Newbie


The Lost Newbie is lacking the “Big Picture”!

It’s like trying to complete a picture puzzle with a million pieces laid out on your dining room table but somehow Aunt Martha misplaced the photo box! You have no idea what picture you are trying to create with all these myriad of individual pieces and snippets of concepts.

Most Marketers Make It Worse

We strive to make it better….watch the video first and then CLICK HERE!…

This video was a little too serious!

Now here is something completely different (tip: you can leverage viral videos for traffic…and they are fun)!

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Misunderstanding the Sales Cycle or Sales FunnelSales Funnel

Oddly enough, the majority of confused affiliate marketing newbies do not actually ubderstand or recognize the Sales Funnel Process that they just went through themselves -from a LEAD to a PROSPECT to a BUYER to an AFFILIATE.

The process happened to them! They need to reverse engineer the process that is “hiding in plain sight” in order to understand how to sell the Affiliate Platform Opportunity that they now own or have access to share.

The Newbies’ Guide & Affiliate Marketing for Newbies

Online Marketing

One of the best programs I know for Online Affiliate Marketing is Wealthy Affiliate.

Join for FREE for the first 7 days and build 2 FREE Websites that you can keep forever! And, bonus still, you can sell the platform as a FREE Affiliate Seller if you so choose! Most people go Premium very quickly so I hope to see you there with the over 1,000,000 current members!

If you wish to learn about Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency while you build your Websites with Wealthy Affiliate, try:

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Project SUPERAFFILIATE for 2018!

If you would like to stop feeling frustrated, why don’t you apply for a current contest:

Affiliate Marketing for the Newbie

You have until January 17, 2018 so do not delay!

You will be entitled to:

  • Premium Affiliate Bootcamp Training
  • Accountability from the Website Co-Owner
  • Live Support 24/7/365 as you build out your online Affiliate Niche Business over the next year

Newbies Take Heart!

Newbie Gold Medal

There is more than enough Gold & Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency to go around in the Online Affiliate Marketing world!

Just be patient, find the right trainers and supporters and mentors, and never look back!

“Baby Steps” Newbies…”Baby Steps”!


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