Just as I launched my 3 GIANTS CHALLENGE (amazon versus apple versus Walmart), I read an email that stated, allegedly, that amazon was doing away with the percentage system of sales and switching over purely to a flat rate percentage in categories of products.

I am not really sure how this will affect current amazon associates’ current net profits but it will have no effect on what I am trying to achieve. Mainly to show “Online Newbies” that you can earn money online, even with the big 3!!!

Now I’m really putting my self out there. During my first year it took me until my 11th month to earn utilizing my own well-sought out Websites to monetize:

  1. Wealthy Affiliate          

2. Global Moneyline

3. Powerlead System

This will be a bit more public, unless I fail miserably, or better yet get hit by a bus!

There are very few buses where I live!

So, onward and upward!

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