Are You Using The Latest Technology & Strategy To Make Money Online? Facebook Messenger Leads The Way!

Facebook Messenger

Are You Using The Latest Technology & Strategy To Make Money Online? Facebook Messenger Leads The Way!

Article Marketing, such as this one, is becoming outdated.

The social media giant Facebook cannot be ignored or your business will face peril.

Facebook is constantly creating NEW WAYS to for you to reach its millions of users.

And if you pay attention to the most recent release you could make “big riches” out of it.

Facebook has created a way to “deploy your very own 24/7 automated selling machine bot inside Facebook” according to Patric Chan, an online success hero.

Facebook Mass Bot Profits


The History of Online Earning Success

When Google Adwords was introduced back in the early days, many marketers made a fortune from cheap targeted traffic. Eventually it became very expensive and difficult to get ads approved. Back in 2003 Adwords cost 5 cents a clickand therefore, 100 clicks for $5. It was easy to triple Return On Investment (ROI) in those days.

Then Facebook Ads came along. At the beggining the ads were cheap but eventually it has become more expensive and not as easy as in the past. Facebook Ads are still a great Traffic Source and Marketing Channel but now there is a new technological breakthrough!

Facebook Messenger


Facebook Messenger Marketing

So what is Facebook Messenger Marketing?

It is simply getting your prospective customer into Facebook Messenger Chat and promoting offers to them there via Automation.

It is essentially like Email Marketing but it is more responsive which leads to higher sales conversions which means more money for you.

Just like Emails where you can automate with autoresponder followup, Facebook Messenger Marketing will create next level engagement.

Instead of using Facebook (FB) Messenger (Mssger) for chat, this system uses a MESSENGER BOT.

The MESSENGER BOT is extremely powerful becasue:

1. High Engagement

Your marketing message (offer) goes into your prospects’ Facebook Inbox messages. They can even respond back to you with the Bot and you can respond back to them!

More Effective Than Emails

With emails you are competeing with thousands of other email marketers. As of right now your prospects’ Facebook Inbox is still not crowded. You will be sending your marketing message there and thus can expect much higher open rates.

This is brand new technology so your prospects are not yet immune to this type of marketing.

3. Fast to Deploy

You can make money without building a Webpage, creating a product and so on. Have you heard about Email Funnels? These can be replaced by your own Bot Funnel which is creatable in a single day and can be ready to stat making money for you asap.

4. Attraction Marketing at it’s core

This gets your customers messaging you! And your Messenger Bot responds fo you – you own Virtual Assistant. Without a doubt the best marketing currently is attraction marketing.

Currently there is ONE BILLION people using Facebook Messenger per month

Bots Are Approved By Facebook and It’s Just Going To Get Bigger In 2018…”

It’s undeniable that Facebook Messenger is currently the online earning hotspot  and with Bots it’s a dream come true for online marketers.

CNBC reported that:

“Messenger CEO David Marcus unveiled what he calls Messenger 2.0 at Facebook’s developer conference, F8. Last year at this same conference Marcus unveiled bots on the Messenger platform to automate interactions between businesses and consumers without needing to leave the app. Today, Marcus announced that there are 100,000 bots on the platform, up from 33,000 in September, and 100,000 developers working on the platform. The number of messages sent between consumers and businesses has now hit 2 billion a month.”

The question is: what are you currently doing to make sure that you take advantage of this wave and massively profit from it THIS YEAR?

It is somewhat reminiscent of when Google Adwords began!



The Mass Bot Profit System

This Software has been developed by Patric Chan and it allows you to build your own 24/7 selling machine bot.

The detail’s of the System are as follows:

(1) The Mass Bot Profit Class

There are 3 core classes with multiple modules of video training.

  1. market research to discover hidden opportunities and how to monetize your chat audience; the strategy even works in the internet marketing niche
  2. how to build your bot and set up your chat messages

-3 core strategies including:

i. The Instant Messaging Profit Method

ii. The Messenger Funnel Follow Up Metthod

iii. The Mass Broadcast Method

This entire process creates a “set and forget” business. Build the Campaign and let it make money for you while you sleep!

You will learn how to promote your bot and let it start working for you with massive reach.

This is where you leverage Facebook’s own systems to make money online for you, where you can easily reach millions of prospects.

Once you have mastered this knowledge you will then begin to automate your business.

(2) The Mass Bot Profit Software

Patric Chan promises that: “You’ll get the same sotware that I’m currently using to make money online with this new marketing system”.

This software has the means to build a Bot Funnel and mass send offers to your messenger list.

The other features of the software include:

Keyword Triggered Messages

Message Bot Funnels

Mass Broadcast

FB Inbox Autoresponder

Image Messages

And many more

There is no need to purchase chat bot software which has recurring fees.

This is entirely web-based and newbie friendly.

(3) Turnkey Chat bot Business

This includes:

Chat Templates

Patric Chan’s exact internet marketing offer for you to make money with! 

This is not an Affiliate Program. You get a Turnkey Membership Business and you keep 100% of the profits.

It also includes instant content.

Facebook Messenger Bot

Be Serious About Your 2018 & Use Latest Technology & Strategy to Make Money Online!

Doesn’t it make sense to use a proven system from one of the Emminent Online Earning Gurus?

The Mass Bot Profits Training is being sold currently for $297.

Currently at pre-launch the investment is 2x $99 today.

This includes the Chat Bot Software with Lifetime Access – no recurring fees forever!

So, are you using the latest technology and strategy to make money online?

Facebook Messenger leads the way!





2 thoughts on “Are You Using The Latest Technology & Strategy To Make Money Online? Facebook Messenger Leads The Way!

  1. JohnV Reply

    This looks like a fascinating opportunity. I am always a little sceptical about systems which claim to help you earn with simple automation, so will be biding my time until the idea is proven.

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hello John,

      Thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog post. I understand the reluctance regarding automation. Being cautious regarding any new Internet Trends is very reasonable. I like to keep on top of the trends then see how they pan out. I will update the post as the product continues to be launched.

      Barb of Easy-moneys

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