This article is not referring to traffic of the automobile, bicycle, airline, animal or human kind!

This article deals with Internet Traffic!

And not just any type of traffic…the special kind of traffic.

The kind that you “find” and “control” and “convince”.

Or is that coerce???

No, no, no!

The kind of [traffic]= [people] who will gently reach into their pocket and transfer some of their hard earned cash into your hand!

That final bit of Traffic Manipulation is known as Conversion…. which is just another form of “friendly marketing coercion”…an entirely different topic for another day, another blog!!!






Traffic means Potential Customers!

Potential Customers equals possible Conversions!

Conversions means possible money in your hand(s)!

Therefore, Traffic equals Money!

Some Internet Entrepreneurs are willing to Pay for Traffic!

“Takes money to make money”, right???

Well not always…

There is Traffic…and there is Traffic!









Traffic can be  “Bad Traffic” meaning it is random, unruly, and does not do what it is told!

Traffic can be  “Good Traffic”meaning it is targeted, malleable, and can be convinced to purchase your wares and thank you at the same time!


All this talk of Traffic is making me light-headed!

I think I’ll call it a day and call a cab!!!

Tomorrow’s topic…Conversion!

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See you on the Highways & Byways !!!



  1. Marlaine Reply

    Hey! This was a fun post to read! It really drew me in and made me want to see where you were going with it… and now I want the next one!
    You made me laugh with your last line “if you don’t know what I’m talking about”. That was me before joining WA myself. Awesome!
    All the best with your online journey! Hoping you get tons of traffic! 🙂

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi Marlaine!

      I really appreciate your Website Review of Blog Post “Building Online Traffic Easily for Free 2016 & 2017”.

      I expected severe slicing & dicing and gnashing of teeth regarding my resistance to being serious about these topics! My sense of humour is the only thing that has kept me going as a technophobic boomer trying to understand online marketing!

      So glad you enjoyed my ramblings!

  2. Kevin Reply


    I thought your article was wonderful. It got to the point, and told me what traffic is, and most importantly, what it can do… Convert.

    Targeting low competition keywords can seriously boost your traffic! This is how I like to get most of my traffic.

    What’s one thing you do to boost traffic to your site?

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hello Kevin!

      Thank you for your delightful commentary!

      To answer your question as to what one thing I would do to boost traffic to

      I would purchase a million drones to fly around in the night sky above some sort of major annual televised sporting event and while some performer risks their life the drone lights would configure my site name!

      Oops…that idea was taken-only it was a US Flag! Darn it!

      I’ll think it over more seriously and write another blog about “Increasing Traffic to Your Website”!

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