Christmas 2017 is Coming | Top 3 Gifts

Christmas Wreath

Christmas 2017

Merry Christmas 2017! Your Top 3 Gifts Await You!

Everyone Loves Seasonal Holidays & Gifts

We (our conscious and subconscious minds) are far more self-less than our media-hypnotized consumer-selves!

2017 Christmas Gift Packages

Consider the following Top 3 “GIFTING” IDEAS:

  1. Give all your gifts and non-perishable food items away to the needy!
  2. Collect sleeping bags and blankets and coats and hats and mittens for the colder climated homeless!
  3. Consider adopting a pet and being responsible for that animal  forever-ever!

Golden Retrievers Christmas 2017


Think Up Your Own Most Charitable Top 3 Gifts:

1. Donating to any Charity or Church

2. Deliver baskets of food to families in need

3. Leave $10 to $20 to $100 just sitting as a Coffee Shop!


Charity Christmas 2017


You have got this!

As the large well known shoe-company says: “JUST DO IT”!!!

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