Generosity Of Spirit And True Entrepreneurial Grit


Do These Features Still Exist Online Or Anywhere In Society For That Matter?

My answer is always, to any question positive outcomes, yes…yes…yes!

Here Is My Source For Getting My Generosity Gene Giving Itself It’s Daily Workout!

Hi Kyle!

Hope you and the fam have had a summer of grace!

One of the WA Family’s Member’s, Bigrog44 has to leave. Member since 2015 and Diabetic. Not my Referral and no gain to me in any way shape or form other than that I wondered why couldnt the WA Business have it’s own transparent :

WA Helper’s Help Themselves”

Like Crowdfunding but Guidelines of need set by members




voted upon?

Just some thoughts… far most members very positive on idea…have yet to hear from Bigrog44…..not everyone can accept an offer…

I await your feelings on the matter!

Dr Barb

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statiusabout 2 hours ago

and 60 others commented on Cancelled Membership

Come back Soon. You “CAN” do this. All the very Best to You.

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