Global Moneyline | Earning Money Online while Building a List

Global Moneyline is an Online List Builder that is truly Global and free to use indefinitely if you so choose. It was started in June 2016 and I joined on November 6, 2016 and my current Global Moneyline List has grown to >107,000 joiners. I have a personal team of 30 people which is remarkable as a newbie. So if you need to grow your traffic or email/contacts list, and who doesn’t, this is a fantastic way to do it!

Name: Global Moneyline


Price: FREE to join (Join Here) +/- Subscription Ads

Owners: Global Moneyline Admin

Overall recommendation: Yes


Introduction to Global Moneyline


Global Moneyline is a List Building Site that truly is Global and Free to join. Currently >500 new people interested in sharing business offers join on a daily basis. This has been going on since June 2016 so I estimate that the early B-testers have lists of around 150,000 since my November 2016 list is currently >107,000.

Global Moneyline expanded rapidly into over 180 countries around the world. You can simply communicate and message your personal contacts your business offers.

Alternatively you can advertise your offers.


What Does Membership with Global Moneyline Provide?


Global Moneyline also offers PAID ADVERTISING SUBSCRIPTIONS to access more potential clients at a time and at the higher levels multiple times.

The prices and general concept is somewhat complex and is better explained on the website but the general costs of the Advertising Subscriptions is as follows:

$20 USD Bronze – Advertise to 20 Potential Leads

$50 USD Silver – 50 Leads per click

$100 USD Gold – 100 Leads per click

$250 USD Platinum – 250 Leads per click

$500 USD Diamond – 500 Leads per click

$1000 USD Double Diamond – 1000 Leads per click


How Can I Actually Make Money with Global Moneyline?


Global Moneyline can be used simply to develop your own lead list or you can share the Subscription Platform with others as an Affiliate and earn a percentage.

Some “GlobalMoneyliners” are very active in promoting on Social Media and have made very substantial profits with the Online Lead Building System.

Upon testing the system, can verify that you can earn money and definitely easily grow a lead list utilizing Global Moneyline!

As with any online endeavour, the profits are in the list and the effort!

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4 thoughts on “Global Moneyline | Earning Money Online while Building a List

  1. Chris Reply

    I am just starting an online business and am interested in how this may be able to help me to start generating more money from my website. Are you able to explain a little more about the free membership and does this give you? Can I generate leads with the free membership to them pay for the paid membership?

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi Chris!

      Thank you for commenting!

      Definitely you can join Global Moneyline for Free and then utilize your earnings to pay for further options.

      My first recommmendation though would be to follow my advice on the site and get a free list/contact email manager at the same time. Since November 2016 I have built up a list of >107,000 to advertise the Power Lead System and Wealthy Affiliate.

      Power Lead System advertises to itself but its also faster if you have a lead list built up to feed into it!

      Join both for free then PM me at WA at easy-moneys and I will assist you in any way that I can!

      It’s a great multiple income earning stream while you are building out your long term website building strategies.

      My Power Lead System Sales Funnel & Email Autoresponder Funnel is accessible here:

      The Lead List Builder is accessible here:

      You can do as I have done and join both for FREE and then as you build you can reinvest in yourself!

      You can join Power Lead System through Lead Lightening for as little as $7 USD and you get $6 to share it!

      You can purchase a Bronze Subscription to the list builder which allows you to advertise to 20 contacts at a time!

      I hope this helps and I am more than happy to assist you going forward in any way that I can!

  2. jeffrey16201 Reply


    Money line sounds like a very nice opportunity for people with online business’s, many people just starting might not be able to afford such an opportunity even though the cost is very reasonable.

    You sound like you are doing quite well with this program, how long did you say your have been doing this? I am surprised it is free to join, but I suppose they are making enough on the paid leads they provided you.

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hello Jeffrey!

      Thank you for taking the time to comment on Global Moneyline | Earning Money Online while Building a List.

      I joined Global Moneyline on November 6, 2016! I remember the date so well because I had struggled from January 16, 2016 until that day to try and reverse the money flowing out to in!

      The site started as a “One-Line Global List of People” interested in sharing Marketing Offers etc. The beta-testers began in June 2016. I was perusing the “Top 50” crowd at Wealthy Affiliate and with much searching came across the website as a “neat little site” for growing your list while earning money at the same time!

      The Holy Grail of Online Passive Income Potential is the List!

      So, how could I resist?

      I joined and in the first 48 hours, with only a $20 USD investment, levelled up by reinvesting to Gold and soon Platinum and Diamond when it arrived! Now Double-Diamond is available and I plan to snap it up for $1000?

      Why you ask?

      It works! I have >107,000 potential clients to advertise to on a monthly re-circulating basis!

      I have 30 people on my team that I assist with my loop of Wealthy Affiliate and Power Lead System and Global Moneyline.

      I’ve prepaid my Wealthy Affiliate Membership fees with the profits! I’ve paid for all my domains with the profits!

      Every single upfront or ongoing cost is paid before I moved forward and now its really starting to snowball!

      If you have any further queries feel free to Private Message me at Wealthy Affiliate – I’d love to help!

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