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Google Trends


Many online blogging entrepreneurs are unaware of Google Trends, a great way to Earn Money Online!

By blogging about the top-ranked Google Searches on a daily basis, it can increase your blog rankings.

As of today, May 3, 2017, the number 1 Google Search in the US is Sunny Co Clothing with > 200,000 Searches.

It beat out the number 2 Google Search of The Dark Tower and the number 3 search of Kate Middleton.

The list goes on to 20 more search entries but the US is in a tizzy over a FREE Swimsuit Offer that Sunny Co Clothing made on Instagram.

The original Instagram post was of a woman modelling a red one-piece swimsuit reminiscent of the Pamela Anderson type suit of yesteryear!

The idea was to win a free bathing suit by sharing the pic within 24 hours on your Instagram site and then tagging Sunny Co Clothing in the post then a free bathing suit would be shipped to you!

Now here is where the EARN MONEY ONLINE part comes in! This is where you monetize with 5 other red bathing suits with links to Amazon or you create a link with 9 Items Needed for the Beach This Summer!

This strategy can be used on a daily basis to utilize the most searched GOOGLE TRENDS as a way to EARN MONEY ONLINE!

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