How To Create a Website Business With The Help of Human Proof Designs

How To Create a Website Business with the Help of Human Proof Designs

Sometimes you want to do everything yourself from scratch.

Sometimes you are tired or unwell or overwhelmed and just need help.

Better yet, some people have the means to pay for an expert’s help and know-how; I would never want to build a house with my own hands, why do I think I need to create my own website business?

The truth is I have laboured long and hard over the past two years battling illness and fatigue and brain fog in an attempt create passive additional income for when my disability ceases in several years. I have done so successfully but now I want some help.

I looked at many options. I found my choice at myEducational Affiliate Marketing Website that has over 850,000 Online Entrepreneurs.

I watched the Top Ranked movers and shakers on the website. I chose a particular Website as my lifeline for 2018!

This is my answer to the question how to create a website business with the help of Human Proof Designs.

Human Proof Designs Website versus My “Hand-built” Website(s)

I decided to compare my website built up over 2 years versus my Human Proof Designed website built up over the next 12 months.

My website,, is one of several that I built myself, including at the Wealthy Affiliate Educational Website.

Within the first month upon hiring Human Proof Designs, my new website was up and running with multiple Social Websites connected to the site.

There is already solid, foundational content with Amazon Product links.

I am ecstatic already!

Human Proof Designs is Affiliate Marketing Made Easy

On the Human Proof Designs Website you will find a Blog, Podcasts, & Services including “Built-For-You” Websites.

The Websites can be chosen from:

  • Ready Made Niche Sites $998 – $1298 researched and validated profitable with done-for-you content, on-page SEO, training and support
  • Aged Site $1497 a premade affiliate site that has been aging for 6 months or more; it will rank faster therefore create results income-wise faster
  • Custom Made Niche Site $998 – $1298 simliar to the ready made sites but with a hand selected niche just for you, the Human Proof Designs (HPD) Team gets to know your interests and find you a profitable niche to match your passions

Creating a Website Business Requires Content

Human Proof Designs provides several forms of content:

  • Monthly Article Subscription $89 – $464 / month to completely automate your site content; includes monthly articles researched, written, edited, uploaded and published for you
  • eBook $199 Attract Buyers and grow your Email List with Niche Specific eBooks; provide up-front value and build trust (perfect for Giveaways)
  • Article Packs $199 -$875 Get a pack of search friendly, premium quality articles written by trained in-house HPD writers; available in packs from 8,000 to 24,000 words

You Need Links & Social Connections to Create a Website Business

Human Proof Designs can do this for you too!

The HPD Websites lists the following:

  • PBN Links $349 – $499 Buy a pack of ten or fifteen PBN Links on HPD’s tested and exclusive network to boost rankings; HPD will also assist with anchor text to ensure maximum returns
  • Monthly PBN Links $159 – $399 / month Link Building Made Easy – HPD will create a plan, choose appropriate targets and build links for your website every month
  • Press Releases $149 Get your website featured on Google, Bing, and Yahoo News with HPD’s Press Release Service; quality and original content and premium distribution every time

What About Keywords? Human Proof Designs Has The Answers!

Keyword reasearch and understanding are key to getting ranked and therefore seen by potential clients.

I believe this was one of the major downfalls of my websites – I did not quite understand keywords and their importance at the very begining stages of buidling out my website business.

If only I had known about Human Proof Designs in January 2016!

HPD has the following solutions regarding Keywords:

  • Ready Made Keyword Packs $49 Get a Pack of 200 – 1,000 Keywords depending on the size of the niche; choose from already researched Keyword Lists to get started
  • KGR Keyword Pack $79 20 Keywords using Doug Cunnington’s Keyword GOLDEN RATIO METHOD; finding the “sweet spot” between Low Competition and Search Volume
  • Custom Keyword Packs $79 Similar to Regular Keyword Packs except specific to your niche alone

If You Cannot Create A Website Business With The Help of Human Proof Designs… then I do not know what planet’s internet you are on… 

I cannot help being a wee bit “tongue-in-cheek” after enjoying reviewing Human Proof Designs.

Usually I find it very difficult to write over 500 words per website post and as “content-is-king” the more words the better!

How wonderful that my website content is being written for me.

But more importantly, it has been appropriately Keyword Searched and Monetized.

There are many more details on the Human Proof Designs Website like the estimated monthly earnings that they estimate my website should produce (somewhere around $2,400 / month if I recall correctly).

Human Proof Designs mission is simple:

“Help as many beginners as possible get started with affiliate marketing, and help our experienced audience make even more money from their websites.”

Getting started is the most difficult part of Affiliate Marketing and the majority of people attempting to break into this arena are often inexperienced with computers and lingo – we call them Newbies! In fact I was one and probably really should call myself one still!

Some may think asking for help is weak or lazy or stupid.


Maybe not.

I certainly wish I had help on this website as I need to write 80 more words of a conclusion to reach 1,000 words today!

I have a current goal of writing 1,000 words per day for 12 days within the next month and it’s already 9 days in – I have to catch-up!

Back to HPD, I am not quite sure how the monetization is linked to me and I am not quite sure of my next steps but one thing I do know, I was able to write 1020 words without breaking a sweat!

Thank you DomW of Human Proof Designs and Thank You to Your Team!

The Admin



4 thoughts on “How To Create a Website Business With The Help of Human Proof Designs

  1. Norman Richards Reply

    Hello, great information and very detailed that will be a great help to your readers. It is good to know that there are websites like yourself that is welling and has the ability to make building website possible for those who want to enter this line of work.

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hello Norman!
      Thank you for taking the time to comment on my easy-moneys website post on Human Proof Designs.
      It is my pleasure to be of assistance. Keep in touch!

  2. Jerry Huang | Smart Affiliate Success Reply

    I know the founder of Human Proof Designs, Dom Wells (not personally though). But we’ve chat on Wealthy Affiliate before. He is an amazing guy and the services at HPD is extraordinary. You’re not only provided with ready-to-go websites, but you’re also given training and resources to help you achieve long-term success with your website. Awesome stuff! Thanks for this great post 🙂

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi Jerry!
      Thank you so very much for taking the time to comment on my easy-moneys website post on Human Proof Designs.
      I am in complete agreement with your opinion of both Dom and Human Proof Designs!
      He definitely delivers on what he promises…and then some!
      All the Best!

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