How To Get 50 Premium Websites For 49 Dollars Per Month or 98 Cents Per Site

Comparison of Website Costs

Are you in the market for building an empire of Premium Websites? Are you finding that Websites are actually  often quite a bit more expensive when you start adding in Domain Charges and Hosting Charges and SSL (encryption) certificates?

This is a very common complaint amongst new Online Marketers who do not want to spend alot up front before they begin earning online.

50 Premium Websites

They might hear of a cheap website to start with but then not realize that there are extra monthly hosting charges and security costs added on to the domain name charge.

The cheapest Website Offer that I know of online is 2 FREE SiteRubix Websites that have the domain included. All you need to do is to join the Website Platform for FREE.

If at some point you decide that you want your own dot com website, the domain would be $13.99 per year and for 50 Websites (25 dot com and 25 SiteRubix) all you need to do is join the Website Hosting Platform for $49 per month.

This is “How To Get 50 Premium Website for $49 Per Month – 98 Cents Per Site”. 

By the time you watch this video on how to set up your website in less than 30 seconds, I think your mind will be made up for you!

Watch the following video by the Co-Founder of the Company:

You will be amazed!

Even if you are technically challenged, just follow along with the video training and steps. Stop and start the video over and over and take your time! That is what makes this Educational Website Platform Training stand out from other training – it is as basic or advanced as you need.

Comparison Chart of Website Costs 2018

Comparison of Website Costs


As you can quickly see,Wealthy Affiliate (CLICK HERE NOW) has far superior hosting and security and email with no upsells for simply the price of the Website Domain.

To put these prices into percentages:

  • Wealthy Affiliate is 12.8% of the annual cost of GoDaddy
  • Wealthy Affiliate is 32.8% of the annual cost of Namecheap
  • Wealthy Affiliate is 16.7% the annual cost of Name

Doesn’t that just put it all into perspective?

Wealthy Affiliate Website Hosting Is Second To None

Price is not the only advantage to choosing Wealthy Affiliate as your Website Hosting Platform.

Live Training to Build A Website

The Website Building Training is very extensive and easy to follow. There is Live Training every Friday evening at 5:00 pm Pacific Time Zone. If you cannot attend, the Live Training Videos are archived on the site to be watched at your leisure. And, there are over 1.2 MILLION Wealthy Affiliate Members happy to help you in the Live Chat or via Private Messaging or within the Search Bar of Questions and Answers.

What Can I Do With 50 Websites?

If you are feeling stuck for creative topics for your website content, here are just a few ideas:

  • A blog about your passion
  • A blog about your hobby
  • A blog about photos
  • A blog about Holidays with Amazon Product Links

And there are so many more!

Wealthy Affiliate Guides You Through The 6 Steps Of Setting Up Your Website

The 6 simple steps to build your website are as follows:

  1. Decide what sort of site you are building
  • On a Free Domain (a Domain)
  • A Domain you already own (such as
  • Or tou can buy a new domain right from the Wealthy Affiliate Platform (choose this option only if you are sure of this site)

2.Choose the Domain name and make sure it is available

3. Choose a Website Title


4. Choose Categories

5. Choose a WordPress theme – this is the appearance of your Website – there ar over 3,000 to choose from at WA

6. You are now ready for your site structure to be auto-built for you!


Literally , just a few clicks of your mouse and you can start adding your specific content to your website. Wealthy Affiliate provides endless training. WordPress is the website building technology and is utilized by over 30% of all Websites worldwide. This means that Google Ranking robots recognize WordPress Websites and rank them more favourably than other privately coded websites.

Wealthy Affiliate Website Theme Choices

One of the many advantages of building a Website within the SiteRubix platform is the use of WordPress Editor. Some other website editors like Wix or Weebly or Squarespace are limited in the number of themes or templates that you have to choose from whereas with SiteRubix you can choose from over 2 thousand.

This means that your website is unique to you and that you can change the look of your website whenever you wish.

Wealthy Affiliate currently offers over 3,000 free themes for Premium Members. FREE SiteRubix Website users are only limited to 2,446 choices.


Another of the many advantages of using a website builder with WordPress is that there are many PLUGINS that you can add.

By definition, a plugin is a tool that extends or adds a function to your website. Wealthy Affiliate trains to only use 5 or less as too many plugins can slow your website loading speed. If your website does not load within 8 seconds you will likely lose your reader (potential Customer).

Wealthy Affiliate SiteRubix comes with some essential plugins already installed and you are free to install others as needed.

Free Website Versus Free Website


It is posssible to have a FREE Website hosted on WordPress but here are some of the disadvantages:

  • Number of Theme Choices – WP only has 181 themes…SiteRubix has 2449 themes to choose from
  • WordPress has Ads – this is not acceptable for your business blog
  • WordPress has very limited plugins
  • WordPress restricts Affiliate Links (for you to promote and gain commissions- ie for promoting Wealthy Affiliate)
  • WordPress has limited Storage
  • WordPress has no Step-by-Step Internet Marketing Training like Wealthy Affiliate

The SiteRubix Platform is designed for developing an Online Business. You need to ensure that you are not restricted in adding Affiliate Links (sales links).

SSL Certificate

SSL (secure sockets layer) is an encryption process.. On Wealthy Affiliate FREE SiteRubix Websites you can install the SSL certificate free of charge. It is simply done with the click of a button. On many other hosting platforms the site is complicated and you will charged for this service of installation.

You may wonder if you need and SSL certificate but it creates a much more secure website experience for the user. And anything that improves User Experience improves Google Ranking.

“How To Get 50 Premium Websites For $49 Per Month – 49 Cents Per Site” Summary






Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns?

Do you currently have your own website(s)?

Are you happy with your current costs?

Are you considering starting your own Online Business and need a place to start?

Consider Wealthy Affiliate – here is my 2018 Review!




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  1. Matron Okoye B.N Reply

    That is a great site. I admire how you patiently picked every title one by one. The description of each one was superb and I love your comparison and this is to tell you what we gain here in wealthy affiliate community. Free to join, Cheap in terms of purchasing domains and other payments put together can never equate what we learn and what we gain afterward. Only what we need here is to work hard. We have nothing to lose.
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    Love Your post very catchy and well articulated I love how You tied up Wealthy Affiliate and their training.
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    A nice break down of price comparisons with Go Daddy. Who knew they get you long after the first sale. Do you think Bluehost is similar to GoDaddy in that way? I suspect it is. I’m just looking for confirmation. Will look into the Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks in advance for any response

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      Hi Gord!

      Thank you so very much for taking the time to comment on my website article: “How To Get 50 Premium Websites For 49 Dollars Per Month or 98 Cents Per Site”!

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    Thank you for a great post!
    Especially the comparison between the three platforms is great. Moreover, the platforms other than Wealthy Affiliate
    do not have site support and training like WA has.I am as a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate has learned a lot and still learning from the posts like yours.Really I feel this is an affordable platform with the benefits we are getting.
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