How to Open an Online Shopify Store with Step-by-Step Training by H-Com 2020


Have you been wanting to open your own Online Shopify Store but have been afraid to try?

Or have you already tried several times just to get lost in the minutiae of the technical side or the creative aspect of promoting products or the business saavy of enticing customers to purchase?

The gurus make it sound “oh so easy”. In my humble opinion it is not easy but I have tested out the theory that everyone can use a little help along the way.

Recently I recurrently saw YouTube ads promoting step-by-step Shopify & eCommerce help by joining H-Com 2020.

In this article I will review how to open an Online Shopify Store with Step-by-Step Training by H-Com 2020 as follows:

  1. What is H-Com 2020?
  2. Can H-com 2020 help you set-up a successful Shopify Store?
  3. H-Com 2020’s Conversion Tips for selling on Shopify & Facebook.
  4. My Case Study – can I get a Shopify Store up & earning in 14 Days?

Shopify Store

What is H-Com 2020?

H-Com 2020 is the creation of Alex Becker.

Alex Becker has built 3 multi million dollar tech companies and is the CEO and founder of Spekter Supplements.

The H-Com  (Hero E-Commerce) Program is an Online Program with sole goal of creating a Shopify Store and getting it profitable “in as short a time as possible with step by step proven methods taught by E-Commerce experts making at least $500,000 a MONTH in revenue.”

According to

“Upon purchase (of H-Com 2020) you will get immediate access to the entire program which begins by showing you in a step by step format to pick your first products without hard costs, build a store, and use super cheap Facebook advertising to get customers in under two weeks.”

The website goes on to say:

“This is 100% beginner friendly. This program is designed to work for a total novice without any prior experience. Through the 6 week course you will get everything you need to build stores in successful niches, pick the right products and get buying customers to those products.”


Can H-Com 2010 help you set up a successful Shopify Store?

Alex Becker believes it can and he and his team have put together a 6 week plan as follows:


-The first two weeks of this program are entirely dedicated to getting results as fast as possible (products, ads, results NOW)

-Everything you need to know about the E-Comm Business and designed for a complete beginner

-The exact ways to pick products and spot the hottest niches WITHOUT hard cost or keeping inventory

-How to build your store for conversions and ensure that you are competitive with top Shopify store sales copy and best practices


-The first 2 weeks are focused on getting you fast results (product, ads, results NOW)

-Step by step how to set up the ad and set the targeting in countless niches. They give you the EXACT targeting to use and even the best products to do it with

-They give you simple free traffic tactics to test initial products and sales

-SUPER cheap FB ads…they do not promote spending large sums of money

Week Three: E-Com Email Marketing

-Once you have customers and sales then it is time to maximize this with email marketing that can ddouble sales WITHOUT more ads or traffic

-This includes a cash course on Shopify email marketing

-It includes funnels and emails to send to your customers to get them to dramatically spend more

-The type of products to add to bring them back and sell them

-Email scripts, triggers, everything templated and ready for you

Week Four: Advanced Facebook Advertising

-Once the initial store, customers and emails are handled then it is time to scale

-How to grow a $5 per day budget to a $100 to $500 a day budget PROFITABLY – meaning no money lost

-How to target micro audiences and keep conversions very cheap

-How to break out of your niche and initial targeting to new marketing

-Retargeting ads, similar audiences and advanced viseo ads for Facebook

Week Five: Scaling To The Moon Week

-The groundwork to grow a HUGE store has been laid

-How to increase ad spend effectively and safely

-How to expand your catalog and increase cutomer conversions for more sales

-Adding new ads and products to expand revenue

-An exact blueprint to turn tiny stores into 7 figure businesses

Week Six: Master Level E-Com Tactics

-Everything you need to do Master Level Sales on your store

-Upsales & Downsales and abandon cart techniques

-Advanced retargeting to specific products

-Getting customers to buy alot more and to convert 3 to 5 times better

-Advanced APP usage to track customers and learn what they want to buy

-How to track people with retargeting exactly like Amazon

H-Com 2020’s Conversion Tips for Selling on Shopify & Facebook

These are just a few of the amazing Conversion Tips that H-Com 2020 reveals:

-flat prices show luxury $9.95 versus $10.00

-mimic successful store names

-start out broad then niche down once you know what works for your store

-set up a customer support email

-consider disabling PayPal

  •  they hold your money
  • a lot of customer disputes

-upgrade shopify for lower credit card rates

-make sure Google Analytics Tracking Code is installed

-Set up Customer Support phone number on

-Color congruency with “Add to Cart” and checkout “Buy” buttons

And so many more.

My Case Study – can I get a Shopify Store up & earning in 14 days?

Case Studies are nerve wracking and difficult for me.

I joined on February 9,2018 after watching Alex Becker’s YouTube Ad on setting up a Shopify Store to sell a Portable Sewing Machine for $49.99.

It is now February 11, 2018 so officially the second full day.

I am through 6/86 of the Video Training Modules.

The Modules are over the shoulder screen views of how to set up your Shopify Store Step by Step just as advertised

The videos are brief and to the point with the longest one being about 20 minutes.

I admit, I tried to create a Shopify Store in December 2016 and I could not get through the technical aspects on my own despite having built out several websites.

I now have a Shopify Store with Logo called Millionaires To Billionaires with my logo M2B.

The theme of the Store Structure is up and running. It was fantastic technical over-the-shoulder training.

TheShopify Store website URL name is specialholidaze.comas I write a unique blog under

When I publish this post I will attempt to add a screenshot of the Shopify Store as is exists currently.

The next phase is Product Placement and I am very excited about this phase. They utilize the SMAR7 Shopify App which makes the product portion very simplified.

I am happy with my progress to date. I believe they deliver what they promise.

I will return with an update once the store is up and running – ideally in time for Valentine’s Day!


H-Com 2020 is a Winner in My Books!

If you have tried to create a Shopify or E-Commerce Store in the past with no success,  please consider how to open an online Shopify Store with Step-by-Step Training of H-Com 2020.

You’ll be glad you did.





2 thoughts on “How to Open an Online Shopify Store with Step-by-Step Training by H-Com 2020

  1. David Reply

    Since hearing about online Shopify stores back in 2016, I’ve been curious and questioned – what would be the best training out there to get started. Thanks to this review, this is the first time I’ve heard of H-Com 2020. Being it is 100% beginner friendly, includes email marketing and Facebook advertising I would say the course may be a win-win.

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi David!

      That you for taking the time to comment. So far the course training is exactly as promised and I am making great strides. My goal was to open my E-Store before Valentine’s Day but if not, Easter will be fine!

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