How To Rank #1 in Google By Using 25 Actionable Strategies from Brian Dean of Backlinko

Google Rank

Would you like to learn how to rank #1 in Google by using 25 actionable strategies step by step?


Of course you would, otherwise you would not be reading this blog!

You need to understand the general details of ranking with competitive keywords but there are many more metrics to consider and this brief and to the point article will outline the current key ranking factors on Google.

By the time you have finished reading this article you will undoubtedly have learned one or two new Google-Ranking Tips that you did not know before!

As well, you may be surprised at some of the new features of Google AI and how certain techniques are somewhat outlandish in the world of SEO and Ranking.

Many of the top solo-preneurs are able to out-rank the big players by utilizing these strategies, for example Brian Dean of Backlinko.

Even is you are a beginner or feel like you are struggling writing your content you might as well start out with the correct techniques from the start.

And remember, Google is constantly changing its Ranking Metrics so try to keep up-to-date on SEO Ranking Strategies as much as you possibly can!

Even consider going to the Search engines themselves to search out the secrets of SEO, at Google , and Bing and Yahoo.

But without further ado, here are the Actionable Strategies To Rank #1 in Google step by step!


  1. Write Content with Actionable Steps
  2. Understand “Google Rank Brain” – if people like your site as it appears in the Ranking Page it stays highly ranked
  3. Share Tactics that people can use to Solve their Problems Right Away – urgency
  4. Avoid Fluff and Opinions and Filler – this is not actionable content
  5. Give Bite-sized Tips that can be Implemented in Minutes
  6. Sites with LOW BOUNCE RATES rank higher than sites with high bounce rates
  7. When writing the INTRODUCTION to every article start with the OUTCOME that your reader wants, then the BENEFIT for reading your content and finally give a PREVIEW into the post
  8. Use EXTERNAL LINKS to authority sites generously – even up to 16 per article
  9. Use INTERNAL LINKS that point to the Page you want to Rank and to Closely Related Posts on your Website
  10. Add beautiful IMAGES (readers judge content via beauty and visuals)
  11. Content with 1 image better than none at all
  12. CTR your Title – organic Click -Through-Rate is ultra important – Optimize Title -emphasize time frame…add in title i.e. “that works fast”
  13. Use a Number in Title – Odd numbers better than even
  14. Mention Target Keyword a Handful of Times and Optimize for Semantic SEO
  15. Sprinkle Related Words into content (Google Suggests)
  16. Generate lots of COMMENTS on your blog posts – helps ranking a lot!
  17. Reply to all comments you receive
  18. Make your Conclusion a Call To Action to Comment
  19. Use Click to Tweet Buttons – Click this Tweet Button-Social Shares bring more traffic – find share worthy Tip – use add to content
  20. Content Road Show versus Publish and Pray
  21. Promote Every Post that you Publish
  22. Content Road Show – find people who are interested in your content and email them and ask if they might be interested in sharing one of your best articles on a topic they are interested in – 2 Step approach – ask first with an email would they like to check out your content? No-one likes a pushy jerk face!
  23. Regularly Update Your Content – outdated content hurts your numbers – set aside 1 day per quarter and update your content – small tweaks and upgrades can help
  24. If you need a Complete Overhaul on your Content – Do It!
  25. Keep Up-To-Date with Google Strategies

Google Rank
Google Rank

Now It’s Your Turn!

I hope you enjoyed my 25 Google #1 Ranking Actionable Strategies as summarized from Brian Dean of Backlinko.

Now I want to hear from you!

Which strategy or strategies from this post are you most excited to try?

Are you going to use Content Upgrade Popups? Or do you want to update your button text?

Let me know by leaving me a quick comment and I will definitely reply (helps ranking)!

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