7 Steps How To Start A Money Making Blog In 2019 – An Easy Step By Step Free Guide To Create A Blog In 20 Minutes And A Free Website In 30 Seconds (Video)


Are you ready to make 2019 the year you start a money making blog?

Would you like to finally unleash the writer in you?

How about begin to create your online and social presence and empire?

After you finish the Easy-Moneys.com “How To Start A Money Making Blog in 2019 – an Easy Step by Step Guide” and website video tutorial, you will be well on your way!

How To Start Your Own Blog


When I first began my Easy-Moneys.com “Make Money Easily Online” – Blog Website in September 2016, I had  joined an Online Training and Mentoring WebSite Platform and Community of Online Entrepreneurs for 9 months prior, just

to learn how to set up a blog and website business. This Platform remains as my:

#1 Recommendation for making money online.

I learned many things, all for FREE that lead me to quickly go PREMIUM and take all the TRAINING over the next 9 months. By the 9th month I felt ready to begin my Blog!

What is a BLOG?

According to Wikipedia, a BLOG is essentially a “truncation” of the word “weblog”. A Blog Website is one that concentrates mainly on written content.

These are the 7 Steps How To Start A Money Making Blog in 2019:

  1. Get Started
  2. Set Up Your Blog
  3. How To Plan Your Blog
  4. How To Customize Your Blog
  5. Start Writing Your Blog
  6. Promote Your Blog
  7. How To Make Money Online Blogging in 2019

You can start a blog on almost any topic imaginable and with a personal perspective connect directly with your readers. You can interact through comments and share ideas with like-minded individuals.

This in turn builds trust and loyalty with your readers and allows for later making recommendations that may create the opportunity to start a money making blog.


Step 1. Get Started – Click Here Now To Learn How To Pick Your Niche and Watch The Video


Step 2. Set Up Your Blog – Learn How To Set Up A FREE WEBSITE In 30 Seconds



How To Build A Website in 30 Seconds – CLICK HERE NOW TO WATCH THE VIDEO 

Step 3. How To Plan Your Blog

Since you have decided what your niche or topic or area of expertise will be, it is now time to create the structure of the overall website and plan out the first 30 Blog Posts and anchoring pages.

It is very important at this point to begin understanding the value of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which is essentially Google Ranking! Bing and Yahoo are much smaller players but can be considered as well as YouTube and other modalities online.

Here is an SEO Tool that I use exclusively to plan out my writing Titles and Keywords well in advance of writing even my first word of any post!

CLICK HERE TO LEARN ABOUT SEO and how it relates to starting a money making blog in 2019.

Step 4. & Step 5. & Step 6. & Step 7 – Will Follow In The “How To Start A Money Making Blog In 2019 – An Easy Step By Step Free Guide”

Please enter a comment below if you would like a copy of the FREE Guide, which will be available at Smashwords for Download shortly!

Were you able to:

  1. Choose Your Niche (Interest/Passion/Area of Expertise)?
  2. Build Your Website?
  3. Attract Visitors (Traffic – Free=Organic Google Searches etc or PAID) – something to think about for ongoing motivation – remember “Always be Closing”!
  4. Earn Revenue! $$$

Rinse & Repeat!




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