Hugh Hefner Dies at 91
Hugh with a Playboy Bunny
Hugh with a Playboy Bunny

Hard to believe but Hugh Hefner has hung up his “last-silk-robe” and has made his way up to “Bunny-Heaven” at the “young-old-age” of 91!

No more Playboy Magazine or Centerfolds or Mansion Parties!

Love him or leave him?

Controversial at best…enigma at least?

I recall a documentary of his life where he was describing how he chronicled, in great detail (much like blogging), the events of every single day!

His thinking was that upon his death his Estate (The Playboy Enterprises) could release his “Memoirs” so that people could better understand the workings of this man.

His descriptors could be very much at odds:

  • women lover
  • women hater
  • sexual revolution supporter
  • exploiter of numerous Stars & Models for unauthorized use of nude photos
  • Mansion Sex Parties
  • Abusive & Controlling
  • Generous and Brilliant Businessman
  • Supporter of Bill Cosby
  • Accused of Underage Young Women being offered alcohol and other enticements

Certainly newsworthy!

Please comment below your thoughts on this Maverick of the uptight era.

Rest in “Bunny” Peace dear Hugh!


PS Maybe Hugh needed this new revolutionary Vitamin Treatment for multiple ailments and longevity!

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  1. TG AE Reply

    Well, who doesn’t now Hugh Hefner?
    In my personal opinion, he was an incredible entrepreneur and really smart to own the business. He decided to think out of the box and kept working against all odds.
    The only reason some people would criticize him is that he was not a puritan or try to act like a saint. Now there are many photographers who would portrait woman naked and nobody says nothing because of “art”.
    I hope he is enjoying a sky filled with gorgeous bunnies!

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hello TG AE!

      Thank you so very much for commenting on my Hugh Hefner blog on easy-moneys!

      I agree with your point of view whole-heartedly!

      I was born in 1961 so Hugh’s POV (point-of-view) affected my generation of women what with the Birth Control Pill and work emancipation!

      The 60’s and 70’s and 80’s were a very fun time to come of age!

      Disco dancing was a blast! 

      I lived in Vancouver and I knew of Hugh’s Vancouver wife – they made a great couple!

      He was definitely an “outside of the box” thinker and I admired his business savvy!

      I will miss him!

      He was definitely a sexy Playboy “wolf” himself!


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