If You Want To Make Money Online You Must Think Outside The Box

Think Outside The Box

BoxIf you want to make money online you must think outside the box!

I see way too many people new to online marketing who get stuck, within their own ideas, within their own niches, within their own earning expectations.

Try to be a creative thinker when it comes to your business. How can you create promotions that will make people want to buy from you? If you have no ideas, look aound you everyday – at newspapers, TV, online, YouTube etc etc etc!

There are nothing but endless ideas floating around to get people clicking on your links and Amazon products and Affiliate programs.

Pretend you are 8 years old and put on your “thinking cap”. Go!

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YouTube Videos

YouTube Videos, particularly animated ones like the one above, are particularly lucrative for making money online.

You can promote anything under the sun or simply provide an educational video and utilize it on your website to increase page view times and lower bounce rates.

People like movement! Not everyone is a reader! You have 2 seconds to capture people’s attention – especially on mobile!

Pay attention to what grabs your attention online.

Be brutally honest with yourself – be a viewer or reader to critique your own work!


Video Email

Email Marketing is a fantastic way to keep people’s attention.

Imagine the power of Video Emails.

Emails that come alive and are specific to your concerns.

You can use the system to:

  • say “Thank You” to current customers and ask them to share your business with others
  • send out seasonal and holiday promotional information
  • you can offer a system to a Charity of your Choice
  • offer this system to your online team

“Stand Out in The Email Inbox”!


“Off-line Marketing”

StickersBeing Online Marketers, we tend to forget the power of Off-Line Marketing techniques!

Let’s step back in time and remember the story of America Online. At one point, America Online was #4 in providing Internet Online services. So, of course the company was striving to become #1.

AOL hired a new Marketing Manager, Jan Brandt. She went to Steve Case, co-founder of America Online, and pitched the idea of a “FREE TRIAL” of AOL but in CD-ROM disc Form! Jan Brandt proposed mailing an AOL Disc to “everyone in the world”!

The distribution of these discs began in the US. They were everywhere:

  • cereal boxes
  • banks
  • nail salons
  • airline seats
  • train stations

When they started this “Offline Promotion”, AOL had:

200,000 Subscribers – 70 MILLION  COMPANY VALUE

25 Million Subscribers – 150 BILLION VALUE

At one point, AOL became a 50% consumer/producer of CD-ROM’s globally!

More Off-line Marketing Ideas

There are endless ways of promoting your website! While you are doing your online Search Engine Optimization of your Website for the first 6 months, remember to bring people to your website in new and creative ways:

  • Word of Mouth Advertising – tell everyone you know about your website
  • Business Cards – with simply your website address
  • Bumper Stickers
  • Computer Stickers
  • Mail – old-fashioned snail mail
  • Local Team Sponsorships
  • T-Shirt Give-a-Ways
  • Hats/Mugs/Postcards
  • Ads in Town Newspaper or Flyer
  • Local Events
  • Bulletin Boards – Colleges, Churches, Seniors Centers

And those are just a few!


Try Before You Buy – My #1 Recommendation

1 USDThe whole purpose of this Ea$y-money$ Website article has been to get you to do several things!

Primarily to think:

“If You Want To Make Money Online You Must think Outside The Box”!

The Online World is competitive and repetitive at times – your offers must stand out to your buyers!

Give value first!

Educate and help!

Notice which factors catch your attention on a website and what encourages you to spend your hard-earned money!

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Of course, please try it out for FREE!


Do you have any special ways of thinking outside the box?

Are you a linear thinker or a creative thinker?

Did any of the ideas in this article stimulate new ideas for your website? I sure hope so!

Please like, share, comment or critique below and I will get back to you ASAP!


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