JVZoo Super October Digital Product(s) Sales Incentive Contest – $125,000 Up For Grabs

JVZoo Super October

JVZoo Super October Digital Product(s) Sales Incentive Contest – $125,000 Up For Grabs

JVZoo Super October

Are you interested in earning some CONTEST CASH & PRIZES in the month of October 2018 so that you will be in great Financial Position entering into the Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year’s Online Busy Season!

I thought you would say YES TO CASH & PRIZES! Who wouldn’t nowadays!

So, whether you are new to Online Earning or a Seasoned Veteran, join in on all of the fun…CLICK HERE NOW !

How Do I Start?

JVZoo Permission to Promote Products

JVZoo is a very well organized site with popups like the one above that explains crucial information in a “DID YOU KNOW” format.

Otherwise you join the Website as a Selling Affiliate and choose the Digital Products you wish to promote that are in keeping with your Online Business Theme, be it like mine, Easy-Moneys.com  my “How To Make Money Easily Online or some other aspect (traffic, technical product integration etc).

If you do not want to join and purchase these products you can educate yourself on the Product Pre-Launches on YouTube.

JVZoo Digital Product Lists – Choose From The Daily Top 10 Sellers And Other Categories

JVZoo has listings of the various Affiliate Products available to promote:

  • Marketplace
  • Launch List
  • Top Sellers
  • Featured Products

The Current Super October Feature Launch Sales Incentive Contest features Kevin Harrington, the very first Shark on the American TV Show Shark Tank, where potential entrepreneurs go to Pitch their Business ideas and look to get chosen for partnerships with the Shark Business Gurus like Billionaire Mark Cuban, Damon Johns etc.

To get started on the Feature JVZoo Contest Promotion for $125,000 in Cash & Prizes just CLICK HERE NOW!

I will be available to guide you and mentor you through the process as much or as little as you need!

Make Digital Product Launches one of your Multiple Streams of Income in your journey from

MillionairesToBillionaires.com .

JVZoo Contest Promotion Webinars

Save These Dates & Start Promoting Your JVZoo Digital Product Link & Register for 1 of 4 Webinars Being Perfectly Pitched By “The Shark” Kevin Harrington On Wednesday October 24th 10:00 am Eastern Time Zone

For every person who even CLICKS ON YOUR LINK you get paid $1, no matter if they purchase the product or not! That can add up very quickly! It’s like Pay Per Click but in reverse – the Affiliate Seller is getting paid for getting people to Click as opposed to the Affiliate Seller paying Pay Per Click prices for exposure.

Please read through the JVZoo Super October rules and guidelines so that you earn as much as possible in this lucrative Sales Incentive Contest.

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26 thoughts on “JVZoo Super October Digital Product(s) Sales Incentive Contest – $125,000 Up For Grabs

  1. julienne murekatete Reply

    Well,it seems to be a good program if it works as they advertise. I joined the program but it seems vague to me maybe i will continue to look for information to get it well. How do you find it? Is it real or a scam like other online scams?

    I never believe in easy money because when i try to start it i get disappointed.

    Thank you

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi Julienne!

      JVZoo is definitely NOT a scam website!

      It is full of Digital Products created by the most experienced and well-known Internet Marketers in the World!

      I make the majority of my income from promoting these products!

      Perhaps you need further guidance!

      Contact me any time and I will put together some specific training for you!


  2. julienne murekatete Reply

    To Make Money Easily Online  is the term used by many online companies . When you try to enter the program you find it is either a scam or it is real but it is not easy as they said. Everybody would like to live easy life but it is not the case. Life has never been easy for the majority of people.

    JVZoo seems to make things easy and i want to try it. If it works as they say, i will recommend it to my friends who are struggling to make money online.


    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi Julienne!

      The Slogan for Nike is “JUST DO IT”!

      The Slogan for my Easy-Moneys.com Website is “HOW TO MAKE MONEY EASILY ONLINE”!

      In my humble opinion, compared to my professional stressful job of 30 years, doing things like creating and blogging and connecting with people online is far “EASIER” way for me to make money than my job ever was at any time!

      In addition, I help train and coach and mentor people to “EARN WHILE THEY LEARN” by offering them my Online Earning Websites to JOIN FOR FREE ONLY:

      1. My Education Site

      2. My Traffic Site

      3. My Contact Manager

      4. My Mobile App

      5. My Ebook Creator

      I hope this helps!


  3. Reyhana Reply

    I am an affiliate marketer and came across this contest for the first time. I have only been doing this for the past 10 months so I had absolutely no idea what it was about. Thus I’m looking for more information. 

    How does the contest work? Is it about selling the most products? Or making the most commissions? If yes, then how can someone like me, who is still fairly new to affiliate marketing, benefit from joining this contest?

    Thank you kindly for your response!

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi Reyhana!

      Firstly thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment on the my easy-money’s.com article on the JVZoo Sales Incentive Contest for Online Earning!

      The $125,000 in Cash and Prizes can be as :

      1 Simple as Getting someone to CLICK and you earning $1 per person on this link for the contest…put the $$$value in your web post title or social media post


      2 Selling the Products in the Funnel

      The initial digital product is “The Perfect Pitch “ a Program Of Digital Products….

      During the 4 Webinars on Wednesday October 24 /18 at:

      8 am eastern

      Noon eastern

      4 pm eastern

      8pm eastern

      There will be thousands of people on these Live Webinars with the World’s Best Sales Pitch Person, KEVIN Harrington- please google him!

      Kevin will sell to your contacts for you! 

      Do you have any Referrals in your programs?

      Do you have an a Email List?

      Do you know how to share the $125,000 opportunity on Social Media?

      Please simply CLICK ON MY CONTEST LINK NOW and the outline of the contestbpayouts is there…


      And then you will be my teammate and I can help you to earn the maximum amount!

      Barb of Easy-Moneys.com

  4. kemdi21 Reply

    Wow this is the first I’ve heard of an affiliate contest like JVZoo  where you could win prices for participating. Im still new to affiliate marketing so i would love to give it a shot to see how i fare. However, i would like to know if there are more products that you can promote other than the 4 listed in the post and if they also have to be purchased to be promoted as well.

    Thanks for sharing!! was really helpful.

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi kemdi21!

      JVZoo has a multitude of products to buy and promote!

      My current JVZoo Promotions are:

      MOBILE APP promotion that can earn you $3,000 per APP!

      EBOOK CREATOR STUDIO promotion that is currently the #1 Seller at JVZoo!

      You do not have to purchase the products to promote them but I find that I get OK’d for the Affiliate Link Sales Application more quickly if I have purchased the product!

      But, I have sold products without having purchased them! Similar to how you would promote Amazon Products!

      I hope you check out my links and continue to learn more about product launches etc!


  5. Donnie Reply

    Thank you for the information on how to win money on JVZoo. I have never really looked at any digital products available on JVZoo. Honestly I have never even looked at JVZoo so I am glad you gave me the opportunity to do so. I have marked the dates and times for the webinars that Kevin will be giving.I have seen him several times on Shark Tank and look forward to what he has to say.

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi Donnie!

      It is my pleasure to have shared the JVZoo Digital Products Platform for Creators & Affiliate Sellers & Buyers!

      Especially now with the Super October Sales Incentive Contest going on!

      The Webinars will be awesome….and Kevin Harrington is a sales pitch ninja!

      See you there!

      Barb of Easy-moneys.com & MillionairesToBillionaires.com

  6. Salvatore V Jenkins Jr. Reply

    I’m not going to lie this has definitely got my attention but it seems a little too good to be true and I’m having trouble believing it!

    Most Affiliate programs pay you a percentage of a sale and this program is going to pay you a whole $1 if someone just clicks on your link… That is a little questionable and I’m having a hard time believing that… I can see maybe a couple of cents and then a percentage for a sale. Amazon is only giving me pennies for sales I am making! Now granted I’m not a big website and I am referring people to lose cost items but still!

    Just seems a little To Good To Be True!

    • admin Post authorReply

      Dear Salvatore…

      Please please please….I understand your healthy and discerning skepticism but please just simply CLICK ON MY CONTEST LINK NOW and you will become a believer!


      JVZoo is run by one of the most ethical and outside of the box thinkers I know!

      Think about it…by paying you $1 per click, the Product Seller is getting access to massive amounts of traffic and emails and they make sales too!The initial Digital Product in the Funnel is about Pitching Sales by Kevin Harrington, the 1st BUSINESS THCOON SHARK on the US TV Show Shark Tank. he also invented INFOMERCIALS!

      This is exactly why I do not deal with  “ miniscule ” Amazon Commissions…it’s insulting really! You are selling for Amazon for a pittance!

      Look for these higher end ticket product promotions….you’llbe Glad you did!

  7. mark kabakov Reply

    I am ready to risk my time and take part in:

    “The Current Super October Feature Launch Sales Incentive Contest features Kevin Harrington, the very first Shark on the American TV Show Shark Tank, where potential entrepreneurs go to Pitch their Business ideas and look to get chosen for partnerships with the Shark Business Gurus like Billionaire Mark Cuban, Damon Johns etc”.

    It is already deep night 1:52, and tomorrow I will make the necessary entries with a fresh mind. 

    Perhaps I will prepare a list of my team. 

    Perhaps I will have questions. 

    So, see you tomorrow. 

    Please accept these comments from me today. 

    This is my word.

  8. Dora Reply

    Sounds like a great promotion.  I have always been interested in promoting digital products since I joined the affiliate world, but never got around to it, because I have been wrapped in 2 projects.  There’s no time like the present to sign-up to ZVZoo and get my affiliate link, earn $1 for every click.  Sounds cool to me.

     Does it cost anything to sign-up? 


    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi Dora!

      This Super October JVZoo Sales Incentive Promotion Contest is the most amazing online promo that I have ever seen! 

      The CEO of JVZoo , Laura Casselman is focussed on “ USER SUCCESS” !

      The recent addition of the JVZoo Academy is creating the whole online success platform!

      Well that’s called “ TAKING ACTION” Dora!

      No cost to JOIN ! 

      CLICK ON MY CONTEST PROMO LINK & GET STARTED…I will guide you along the way if you need me!


      There is absolutely no down-side!

      Keep in touch and let me know how you get on!

      Barb of Easy-Moneys.com & MillionairesToBillionaires.com

      PS You can contact me at:


  9. Garen Reply

    Hey, I have never sold through JVZoo.  But, I have sold through Clickbank.  I got a couple questions for you.  Can you list products on JVZoo and Clickbank at the same time?

    Also, how do you feel Clickbank compares to JVZoo.  What are the pros and cons of each?  I want to create some more informational products, but haven’t used JVZoo yet.

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi Garen!

      Great questions!

      I have used both JVZOO & ClickBank and actually have met the 2 creators of ClickBank University back in 2012 at 1 Of there 1st Meetings near Cancun!

      I am unsure if these Networks require EXCLUSIVITY CONTRACTS for Product Sellers…I am sure you could find that in the sellers tab info on JVZoo!

      My personal recommendation is:


      CLICKBANK for Online Educational Products

      Please join the current SUPER OCTOBER CONTEST by simply CLICKING ON MY LINK NOW:


      I hope this information has helped!

      Barb of Easy-Moneys

  10. Jamie Clay Reply

    Now this sounds like an easy way to make money. You are right $1 just for someone to click a link can add up if your getting the right amounts of traffic to convert. JVZoo Contest Promotion for $125,000 in Cash & Prizes sounds like something I am willing to enter to get my chance of  a lifetime. If I sign up for this will JVZoo give me tips of how to increase my traffic?

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi Jamie!

      The $1 per simple CLICKS do ADD UP QUICKLY!

      Please do sign up with me for the contest:


      Thank you if you decided to do so!

      Since the WEBINAR REGISTRATION is now for Wednesday October 24/18 at:

      8 am eastern

      Noon eastern

      4 pm eastern

      8 pm eastern

      JVZoo has copious amounts of mini trainings under the moniker:

      “ Do you know how…”

      So, there is tons of Traffic Info and JVZoo Digital Products,on traffic.

      Barb of Easy-moneys.com

      PS please JOIN MY FREE TRAFFIC SITE NOW : http://barbatkins.globalmoneyl

      P.P.S. please JOIN MY LEAD BUILDING SITE NOW: http://EarnMoneyOnlineTraining

  11. Victor Reply

    Thank you for sharing such a great opportunity to make money! People are always looking for different ways to get some extra income. I will check out the links and will add them to my website.

    My website has been getting extra traffic and this can be very attractive. Hopefully I can take advantage of this opportunity.


    • admin Post authorReply

      Hello Vic!

      Thank you so very much for joining me for this amazing opportunity to earn and learn and for offering to post on your website to grow your teams and followers!

      We are all online mainly to Make Money Online Easily , Easy-moneys.com !

      When we collaborate and share concepts and ideas and our contacts and teams of buying customers, it is called having LEVERAGE & DUPLICATION & DISTRIBUTION which is WIN-WIN-WIN the only style of business I do!

      Thanks again for your understanding the upsides of this offer and your excitement and generosity in essentially sharing your traffic in a way!

      Barb of Easy-moneys.com

      +1-250-809-4517 text msg only

  12. JB Reply

    JV Zoo sounds like the place to be in October! I love contests, especially if I win. I’ve entered contest in the past, if anything, it’s just a great motivator to promote new affiliate sites. 

    I like that that JV Zoo has a reputable promoter like Kevin. I’m a fan of Shark tank. Thanks for sharing! 

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi JB!

      You are on point with every statement you make!

      Contests with $125,000 in CASH & PRIZES are not everyday events online…even in the Make Money Online Niche!

      You are right about the multi-dimensional advantages of contests…you learn and earn about “Pitching” in sales (& life) all while having your sales incentivized with:

      1. Getting paid $1 per click…nice reversal of the usual…the business is PAYING YOU TO BRING PROSPECTS to the PERFECTLY PITCHED DIGITAL PRODUCT(S) in this case by multi-millionaire if not billionaire Kevin Harrington!

      Gotta love the SHARKS!



      I’m happy to collaborate and team up to leverage money making opportunities online and to grow our businesses any time!

      Barb of Easy-moneys.com

      Text Message only: 1-250-809-4517

  13. Nicki V Reply

    That’s a pretty!! You get a dollar no matter what?  Is that PPC always like that or, it is just for this October promotion?  I have heard about JVZoo before as an affiliate site, but I haven’t looked into that much.  Now I’m really interested and will definitely be checking it out!!

    Thanks for sharing all of this fantastic information! This can help out a lot of people in affiliate marketing!

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi Nicki!

      Yes you get $1 for every person who simply CLICKS on your promotional link …..if you wish to support mr for sharing this amazing opportunity with you, please CLICK ON MY LINK NOW TO GET STARTED:


      I’m not sure if JVZOO promotions are “REVERSE PAY-PER-CLICK” (meaning you get paid for advertising their business rather than you paying google or bing etc to advertise for you) all the time or not? 

      Already In 1 day I have 39 CLICKS! For doing nothing except advertising my link!

      This Super October Sales Incentive Concept has been masterminded by the CEO of the Company…it’s Win-Win-Win!

      Please JOIN MY TEAM EASY-MONEYS.COM and I will assist you along every step of the way as needed!

      Barb of Easy-Moneys.com


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