Make Money Online 2018 With The Free Lead System

Free Lead System 2018

Free Lead System

Are you struggling to find fresh leads to grow your list to promote your offers?

Do you find list building to be a stumbling block to growing your business?

Are you tired of paying for traffic that does not convert? wants you to “Make Money Online 2018 With The Free Lead System”!

After you listen to the 2 videos in this article, I am very certain that you will sign up for FREE today!


What To Do Once I Sign Up For The Free Lead System?

How Do I Get Started Once I Join?

First of all, congratulations for joining the Free Lead System as your question regarding what to do next gives your great decision away!

Hopefully you have the time to click on the “How Do I Get Started” button right away. If not, it is always there in the “QUICK START” area of your system. The “How to Make $6.00 per Lead” Special Bonus remains there as well.

If you close the system or log out, you will find an email which has your system details.

The Free Lead System URL is : and you will see this sign-in page:

Free Lead System Admin Area

Interestingly enough, the number 1 reason for new online marketers to give up is the difficulty with finding the sign in page and remembering Usernames and Passwords!

Free Lead System gives you an alpha-numerical Username and Password. In this instance, I recommend to write it down and keep it the same – do not change the password. In most instances though I recommend to use only 1 password across all sites and do not write it down.

How Can I Promote The Free Lead System?

The Free Lead System explains how to promote the business.


Testimonials Of Those Using The Free Lead System

Many, many people are utilizing this system online. It’s easy and it’s free and it works!

Free Lead System Testimonial


What If I Want To Progress – Are There More Advanced Levels?

The Free Lead System can progress to LEAD LIGHTENING for a $7 once-per-lifetime fee. If you share Lead Lightening with others you receive $6 for every person who joins under you!

You can level up further to POWER LEAD SYSTEM (click here for my review) Silver for $20/month and Gold for $30/month and add Affiliate Status for $24/month.

There are levels above this as well if you decide to opt “All In”.


The Free Lead System is an introductory online tool which can find you leads, build your list in a contact management system, create a funnel with an email autoresponder to promote your business link.

Most people upgrade to Lead Lightening and then to Power Lead System but some stay Free Forever!

Whatever your choice, offer the system as a “Free Offer” on your blog or within your Social Media Campaigns or whatever is your favourite method of choice!

Feel free to use my FREE TRAFFIC PLATFORM if you are just starting out online.


Do you think this Free Lead System is worth trying?

Are you new online and find list building difficult?

Is the entire process making you dizzy?

“Make Money Online 2018 With The Free LEad System” was written with you in mind!






10 thoughts on “Make Money Online 2018 With The Free Lead System

  1. GBIG Reply

    Thanks for writing this article, I really appreciate that. I agree with you that often I get access to great information and great sign up tools, but yes, just like you said I often abandon those website because I struggle to find sign in pages or I struggle to remember Usernames and Passwords. It’s like you knew you were talking to me!!
    I definitely need to continue to grow my list and anything that can help me out with that is really welcome. I was just wondering if you found the system easy to use overall or if you found that it slowed down your website in anyway? Thanks

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi CBIG!

      Thank you so very much for taking the time to comment on my website article: “Make Money Online 2018 With The Free Lead System”!

      The username and password issue and login website address are the commonest reasons that people new to online business fail. Truly! You are not the only one!

      The FREE LEAD SYSTEM is an entirely different website from your own so it does not slow down your website or have any effect on it. You use the FREE LEAD SYSTEM to create a link with your Primary Online business (likely Wealthy Affiliate) and it has a Sales Funnel and Email Autoresponder “done-for-you” all for free.

      You share this link and gain email addresses to grow your list! Also, you can offer the FREE LEAD SYSTEM as a “Free Offer” to readers of your website! Please join for FREE and just follow the “Quick Start” instructions and that is all you need to do! Or, you can do more training to build your own funnels etc.

      I hope that helps and I will look for you to join my team in the FREE LEAD SYSTEM and I will mentor you along!

  2. Amhil Reply

    The system looks like a decent thing to look into especially regarding building leads and what not. I’m not necessarily ashamed to say it but I’m pretty bad when it comes to lead building so I do see this product being a decent shout to help me out in this very weak area of my marketing.

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi Amhil!

      Thank you so very much for taking the time to comment on my website article: “Make Money Online 2018 With The Free Lead System”!

      Lead Generation and List Building is the toughest part of developing an Online Business so believe me you are not alone in having difficulties in this area! 

      In fact, one of my most admired mentors has told me that really, we are in the “Lead Generation Business”, not the Make Money Online Business! If you do not focus on continuously building leads and your list, you have no market to sell to with your online business!

      The Lead System is powerful and really works! I recommend starting out with the FREE LEAD SYSTEM . The “Quick Start” has only 3 Steps and by connecting your Primary Online Business (I use Wealthy Affiliate – an Educational Website) to the Free Lead System Link it creates a Sales Funnel and Email Autoresponder system for you!

      You share this link and gain email addresses to grow your list! Also, you can offer the FREE LEAD SYSTEM as a “Free Offer” to readers of your website! Please join for FREE and just follow the “Quick Start” instructions and that is all you need to do! Or, you can do more training to build your own funnels etc.

      I hope that helps and I will look for you to join my team in the FREE LEAD SYSTEM and I will mentor you along!

      PS If you decide to Upgrade once you start earning, just click on these links or Upgrade on the Website:

      LEAD LIGHTENING – $7 One Time $6 Recurring Commissions

      POWER LEAD SYSTEM – All The Bells & Whistles

      RAPID TRAINING FOR FREE – Start Your Free Trial and Get Training

      PPS If you need a place to advertise, click here now:FREE TRAFFIC WEBSITE

      PPPS I only share websites that I personally earn with and I earn with all 3 systems:

      (1) My Educational & Training Website Offer – Wealthy Affiliate

      (2) Lead System(s) – see above

      (3) Free Traffic site – see PPS

      I hope that helps! Please feel free to email directly at the website email below if you have any further questions!

  3. Nigel Robinson Reply

    Not sure I’m completely convinced about this system. You mention the at the signup is why people abandon these programs, That wouldn’t be an issue for me. I use a program called Keeper Security to store all my passwords so I never have to remember them. I’m more concearned that it sounds like a pyramid type arrangement that have always had a bad reputation in the past. Do they also have upsells along the way? This is always another issue to look out for.

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi Nigel!

      Thank you so very much for taking the time to comment on my website article: “Make Money Online 2018 With The Free Lead System”!

      That’s fine that you are “not convinced about this system”. My intention is only ever to share the techniques that actually make me money online. 

      When I started with the Free Lead System it was 3 months into creating my website and I needed a Contact Management System. I looked at Aweber and Get Response but each was only free for one month and I felt that I needed a longer time frame to build up my Email List for Free. 

      The website has a history online of 20 years (a very long lifespan online) and pays out every Wednesday like “clockwork”!

      It is not a “Pyramid Type Arrangement” – it has an Affiliate Commission portion if you choose to share (sell) the platform just like AWeber and Get Response and Wealthy Affiliate.

      It is an Affiliate Online Tools Product that includes:

      -Contact Management System

      -Sales Funnel(s)

      -Email Autoresponder(s)


      Thank you for sharing your Keeper Security Program with us! I mentioned Usernames and Passwords as this system assigns alphanumeric Usernames and Passwords and recommends NOT to change them.

      I make the greatest amount of Affiliate Commissions from this Platform and I am so happy that I found it and that I joined back in December 2016! 

      All the Best of Success To You Online!

  4. Hennie Reply

    Hi Barbara. I looked at the system. I have bookmarked to investigate further. I am sure that there will be a lot of restriction on the free membership.

    But maybe one can start off with it and if it turns out to be a decent system one can consider and compare it with Aweber and the other autoresponders.

    Thanks for the post/sales letter.

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi Hennie!

      Thank you so very much for taking the time to comment on my website article: “Make Money Online 2018 With The Free Lead System”!

      I started with the Free Lead system just 3 months after starting my website. I wanted a Contact Management system for all the emails that I was collecting for my Email List (I was doing it by hand with good ol’ pen & paper at that point).

      After investigating AWeber and Get Response I realized that they only had a one-month Free Trial Option. I was attempting to prove to myself that I could start an online business without paying for any systems other than my Internet Connection and Computer and devices. I really wanted a Free Contact Management System for longer than 1 month. 

      I came across the FREE LEAD SYSTEM  and thought, “What is there to lose? Nothing!”

      I started out FREE and linked my Educational Website,Wealthy Affiliate, with the Free Lead System Link and advertised the 2 businesses combined into this one link at my Free Traffic Website.

      Turns out that I started earning that very week and the payments have not stopped! I have re-invested my earnings and levelled up to LEAD LIGHTENING and later POWER LEAD SYSTEM with all the bells ‘n’ whistles.

      The Free Lead System has been a great FREE OFFER for new joiners to my team! The parent company has been online for 20 years which is a very long track record for online businesses. And they pay out every Wednesday, without fail!

      All the best to you on your online journey!


  5. Nickoy mitchell Reply

    A very interesting and informative page. I have learned from this page that I can get leads to my website and that there is a free lead system. The first video is informative.

    However, I want to know if this would apply for me here in terms of my niche. My niche is football- focusing on Manchester United Football Club. Even though I am interested, my website is just a little over 3 months so I don’t have so many posts to have a newsletter to have an autoresponder.

    Is this more suitable for websites that are online marketing sites? How can I make the free lead system applicable to my site? Are leads the same as traffic in this case?

    • admin Post authorReply

      FREE LEAD SYSTEMHi Nickoy Mitchell!

      Thank you so very much for taking the time to comment on my website article: “Make Money Online 2018 With The Free Lead System”!

      I’m so  glad that you found the article and video informative! You are absolutely correct – traffic are the people who visit your site and leads are those who “opt-in” and give you their Email – which is solid gold and “EVERGREEN” – you own your list – not Amazon etc!

      Add the SUMO Plugin to your website for FREE and you will start getting emails very soon I’m sure!

      The FREE LEAD SYSTEM works for any niche, be it the “Make Money Online” or a Sporting Niche! And I believe there is no time like the present to have somewhere to collect your EMAIL LIST of leads=traffic!

      I would like you to join the FREE LEAD SYSTEM and learn a bit about it: it includes:

      1. An Email Contact Management System (an online place to collect all your leads (potential future buyers) ) from the very beginning -names, emails, Country, eventually phone numbers etc

      2. You can link your Primary Business (be it your Niche Website URL or a Wealthy Affiliate URL) with the FREE LEAD SYSTEM URL and give it away as a FREEBIE PROMO to anyone who might want to learn how to build  “Sports Niche Website” like your website – see what I mean? Think outside the box! Do NOT GET STUCK IN YOUR NICHE! And you don’t write a Newsletter….once you join there is an automatic 9 Email Autoresponder Campaign that goes out to promote the FREE lead system OR IF YOU CONNECT YOUR WA OR PERSONAL WEBSITE URL 

      3. Email Autoresponder – do not yet buy Aweber or Get Response – they only offer a 1 month Free Trial – you need to give yourself time to get your Free Leads built up from my next recommendation for building your business free:

      My FREE TRAFFIC WEBSITE! This Website is Global and is large numbers of new people (>300,000 people worldwide) (300 new joiners/day) joining to learn about new Online Business Offers and to share their own. 

      With both of these Websites, depending on how quickly you catch on to them and how they work, you will see that I use them as a “Triangular” Feedback System utilizing one to the other and back.

      For example:

      Step 1. Join the FREE LEAD SYSTEM & combine either your Wealthy Affiliate (Educational Website) link or your Personal Website URL to create a LINK B

      Step 2. Join the  FREE GLOBAL TRAFFIC SITE and advertise that link (then anyone who clicks on it gets put into your Email Contact Manager automatically and then is shown the Free Lead System and Wealthy Affiliate or your Sports Website over 2-3 weeks of automatized emails! You relax, sit back, and wait for WA Referrals and Free Lead System Joiners! 

      Once you get your first paying referrals, you re-invest as much as you can afford back into Upgrading at these platforms, but always take a profit! 

      I know this was a lengthy answer but I would love to help you grow your business as quickly as possible. No-one helped me – it took me 9 months of struggle. My goal was to prove to myself, a complete Newbie and person with only an iPhone and iPad for the first 6 months that I could start earning within 1 year without paying for more than my WiFi and the devices.

      Now I’m recording my journey and giving back!

      Barb of Easy-Moneys in Canada

      PS Full Disclosure and Transparency – if you later decide to Upgrade on any systems that I reveal to you that you deem worthy, I will receive an Affiliate Commission, just as you will when you get your First Referrals to Wealthy Affiliate and the Free Lead System and My Free Global Traffic Site!

      PPS Please feel free to Email me directly at the Website Admin Email for questions anytime or via Private Message at WA!

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