Make Money Online In 2018 With High Ticket eCommerce Sales

Top Benefits of Shopify

eCommerceEveryone can use extra cash in their bank accounts right?

Even Millionaires and Billionaires constantly look for revenue to increase their total personal wealth.

There is alot of financial stress in society today.  It is important to diversify every possible source of income generation.

It is unlikely that the majority of people will be able to retire at 65 and “Freedom 55” was a dream during the prosperous 1980’s!. Many University and College Graduates will never repay their loans. Average citizens will not be able to buy homes or live the level of lifestyle of their parents. Single parents and children go hungry. War veterans are destitute.

We have to create our wealth or perish financially. I don’t know about you but I refuse to eat cat food and live in a box! I will  fight until the bitter end to support myself and those I love! This is what has brought about my interest in “Make Money Online In 2018 With High Ticket eCommerce Sales”.

eCommerce May Be The Solution


In 2018, total Worldwide eCommerce Sales are expected to be worth $2.8 Trillion US dollars.

In 2021, total Worldwide eCommerce Sales are expected to be worth $4.5 Trillion US dollars.

That is almost twice as much value increase in 4 years! There is definitely lots of room for everyone to benefit!

Why This Works?

Why This Works

If that isn’t enough of a reason to give it a try, I don’t know what would convince you! Perhaps this little tidbit will help even further to convince you that eCommerce is definitely something to consider in your online arsenal of make money online techniques!


Double Digit Growth in the next year sounds like something worth aiming for in your online business!

What Makes This Different Than Other Ways To Make Money Online

What Makes This Different?

This form of eCommerce involves Drop Shipping but not involving Amazon or eBay. It involves developing your own direct relationships to superior suppliers in the United States with Minimum Advertised Price Contracts.

A Successful High Ticket Store Is Not:

A Successful High-Ticket Store IS NOT

This flies counter to alot of the eCommerce advice gurus that you will see online or on YouTube. This is just the program that I follow and is my own humble opinion!

There Are 5 Key Elements To A Profitable eCommerce Niche

5 Key Elements to a Profitable Niche

This is truly the “money-slide” in this article on eCommerce! If you come away with nothing else from reading or scanning this blog post, this is the “meat and potatoes” or the “Steak and Lobster” of this entire treatise!

There are benefits to selling High Ticket Items:

  • Less Hassle
  • Less Returns
  • Less Customer Service
  • Customers Can Afford These Items

Think of the demographics of buyers and who currently have the greatest expendable incomes:

  • women between the ages of 45 and 65
  • men between the ages of 50 and 75
  • professional Millenials and Gen-Exers

The number one percentage increase in valuation of online sales is a man in his 30’s paying $30 for roses for Valentine’s Day versus a man in his 60’s paying $300 for roses on the same occasion. It’s the women in the older demographic who demand the greater value gifts. That is a 10 times increase in expenditure for the same concept but a higher level of product (13 dozen roses versus one dozen roses)!

What Are Your Goals?

What are your goals?

Do you know what your general goals are with eCommerce and Drop Shipping High Ticket Products?

There are several possibilities:

  1. Do You Want To Make A Large Sum Of Money By Selling Your Store Once It Becomes Profitable?
  2. Do You Want Long Term Passive Income So You Can Have Financial Freedom To Do What You Want On Your Own Terms…Take Care Of Family?
  3. You’re Actually Passionate About Pursuing This Type Of Business Full Time?

No matter what your goals, with the right mindset and the right training and mentoring eCommerce can be an extremely lucrative business model.

Some Precautionary Tips For High Ticket eCommerce

This type of making money online will not work if:

  • You don’t like working hard
  • You can’t work a minimum of 15 hours per week on this business
  • You give up to easily
  • You expect to get rich quick

The Benefit Of Owning Your Own Shopify Store Versus Selling Amazon Products or AlliExpress Products Or On Ebay

Top Benefits of Shopify

Shopify is recognized as a distinctive eCommerce features provider platform in the market. Many big brands are using Shopify as their online store. Here are some solid reasons why it is profitable for eCommerce entrepreneurs:

  • It is an affordable eCommerce platform
  • It is good for eCommerce startups
  • It offers unmatched eCommerce benefits
  • It presents a visually appealing online store to the world
  • Your customers and their email information is yours to keep – it is not in the hands of Amazon – these customers are available for future promotions (seasonal or otherwise) – this is the true value in you own store -your email list is “Evergreen” and “Golden” for retargeting efforts

The 4 Part Strategy To Getting Customers to Your Store

4 Part Strategy Traffic

Getting customer traffic to your store is really the most crucial part of creating a successful eCommerce Store.

You will want to use all 4 of the strategies and platforms above:

  • Google Shopping
  • Facebook Dynamic product Ads
  • Email Marketing (with Shopify, your cusomters are yours alone – not Amazons- so you can send retargeting promotions)
  • Affiliate Marketing


High Ticket Drop Shipping can utilize the current market changes to allow sellers to market, position and sell more than competitors in the low end product market. Utilizing the 4 Traffic Strategies creates more customers with higher priced purchases and less work invloved per order.

If you learned about AlliExpress and started a Shopify Store selling cheap products but barely making any real income and even worse zero income then this article has been for you!

If you’re running Facebook Ads and no one is buying you must fee like you are literally burning money away, then this article is also for you!

If you are interested in my eCommerce Newbie Blueprint Guide it is curently on sale for $9.97 USD payable via PayPal. It contains some key in-depth tips that can help you adjust your strategies and increase your income.


Are you familiar with the concept of Drop Shipping?

Have you tried Drop Shipping?

Have you ever been involved in retail sales? Successfully? Unsuccessfully?

Please feel free to like or share or comment or critique below!

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