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Power Lead System became a part of my On-line Earnings Arsenal on December 18, 2016! I am not really sure how I came upon it but am I ever glad that I did! Power Lead System (PLS) has overcome several of my other primary Online Earning Sources so it is only right that I share my good fortune with others!

Product: Power Lead System (PLS)

Website: www.powerlead-system.com

Owners: Michael Price & Neil Guess

Cost: Join FREE for 7 days!

Pay $7 to get membership and receive $6 commission for others to join

$30 Monthly Membership +/- $24 for Affiliate Program

Recommended: Yes


How Many Years Has Power Lead System Been in Business?

PLS was launched in 2013 so roughly in its 4rth year of business. So longer than some Online Businesses but shorter than others. 

Michael Price, one of the owners, was a trainer in the Anthony Robbins Company. He is the Founder/CEO of Priceless Possibilities which is the parent company of PLS.

Neil Guess, another of the owners is an Internet Marketer in Tacoma, Washington.


What is Power Lead System?

Power Lead System is an Online Marketing System which allows you to sell multiple online offers & businesses using complex Landing Page & Sales Page Funnels with Email Autoresponders and Contact & Email Management Systems. 

It has extensive training for online email, social media and You Tube marketing techniques with weekly training 4 days per week!

PLS is a “Business in a Box” Group of Marketing Tools that you can utilize for your own online business(es) or to resell to others (hence the PLS Affiliate Program).


What is the Power Lead System Affiliate Program?

There is a specific Compensation Plan if you wish to sell Power Lead System to others. I do not promote the selling of any system – that is entirely up to you the reader!

I benefit by utilizing the system to manage my customer email list and by promoting my primary business online.


Who Benefits from Joining Power Lead System?

Personally I feel that newbies to moderate level to advanced Online Marketers can utilize PLS.

Check out other products in the Internet Marketing Tools Niche and do your research as to which systems make most sense to you! 






4 thoughts on “Power Lead System Review | Yes You Can Earn Money

  1. Sharon Whyte Reply

    Sounds interesting. I really enjoy reviews as it really gives a good inside look into the company and you do give a good review here. This sounds also like it from a reputable guy and has some good tools that are required to run online business. Are you able to tell me how their autoresponder system compares to something like Aweber? Is it as good and with all the features? Any way good review and look forward to your response.

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi Sharon!

      Thank you for commenting!

      I have not used Aweber or any other autoresponder system because I stumbled upon Power Lead System first and now that I earn with the system, the earnings more than cover the cost. So there has been no need to try any other Paid Email Management Platforms that I have come across.

      The Landing Pages and Sales Pages and Sales Funnels are fantastic and “built for you” which is great for a newbie like me!

      The email autoresponder portion has “built for you” campaigns or you can develop your own!

      Also there is a ton of site-based training different from that received at Wealthy Affiliate for example!

      And there is online training 4 nights per week!

      If you would like to Private Message me for more information, feel free to contact me at Wealthy Affiiate at Easy-moneys.

      Alternatively, if you would like to see one of my Sales Funnels for Power Lead System in action for Free, feel free to join with me at:


      Please let me know if you tried it and/or if I can be of any help to you going forward!


  2. Dave Reply

    I’m glad to hear that the power lead system does work.

    I had been on another system that worked just as similar but they would only get you to do the donkey work and get no pay. And I almost thought this was another rehashed system that used the same gimmicks.

    I was considering this opportunity for my affiliate website. And I was wondering if I could take part in the affiliate program only for free.

    Or do I have to pay the monthly membership to be their affiliate?

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi Dave!

      Thank you for commenting on my Power Lead System Review!

      This system definitely earns money! You can join for FREE and advertise Wealthy Affiliate or any other offers that you may have for FREE.

      If you wish to join the affiliate program I believe it does require you to be a monthly member.

      To check out what the Power Lead System Lead Capture Page & Sales Funnel and subsequent Email Autoresponder Campaign that I have set up as a rank amateur & newbie look like, click below if you are curious to try it out:


      I just cashed out for $300 Canadian for the month of March several days ago so I can assure you that they do pay out! I do not recommend any system that does not earn money online!

      Feel free to Private Message me at https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com on my profile page at Easy-Moneys and I will help you in any way that I can!


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