Rankcipher Review | SEO Done For You = Google Page #1

Are you suffering from “I wish my website would rank on Google Page #1” – itis?

Are you a marketer with an offer and you need traffic? (Who isn’t and doesn’t nowadays)! 

Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) an enigma to you?

Would you love to have your “SEO done for you”?

Well, you are not alone.

A triad of 3 very smart fellows revealed how Non-SEO guys can rank on Google Page #1 &

Youtube Page #1 in minutes.

Then they created a Software tool known now as Rankcipher and this is the topic of this

Rankcipher Review | SEO Done for You = Google Page #1.


Rankcipher Review

Product: Rankcipher

Website: https://rankcipher.co

Developers: Muhammad Azhar & Tom Yevsikov & Gorab Borah

Launch Date & Time: March 23, 2017 at 10:00 EST (“talk about a hot-off-the-presses review”)

Price: Lite Edition $39

Core Edition $46

Elite Edition $49

Best Suited to: Medium to Advanced users; my personal bias is that Newbies should learn

traditional SEO first!

Recommendation: Yes (even before purchased myself)

Yes Yes Yes (since purchased myself)


Introduction to Rankcipher

RankCipher is a custom software that “will rank anything on top of Google & Youtube fast 

by building thousands of “Long Term Backlinks as if a human does that for you on AUTOPILOT”!

Supposedly, the software mimics human backlinks by monitoring them and changing and fixing them for each Website or URL.

The result is 100% FREE TRAFFIC from Google & Youtube!

The traffic potential of SEO tremendous! Just think of MILLIONS of people coming to Google & Youtube and there is your Solution to their Problem that they just typed in to search!!!


What is the proof that Rankcipher actually works?

On the website there are extensive stats and a LIVE Video presentation of the details.

They claim to have over 385,382 Page Views in the Last 30 Days Alone with just 1 Single Site that they ranked on Google between Feb 13,2017 and March 14, 2017!


What are the PROS of Rankcipher?

  • Unlimited amounts of sites
  • Built in Content Scraper
  • Visual Strategy Designer with Drag & Drop
  • Multi-tiered linking
  • Report Generation Module for you or your Clients
  • Campaigns on Autopilot with a Scheduller
  • Human-Like Behavior & Submissions

The BEST ADVANTAGE second to ranking on Google Page #1 is that you can both sell the Software with their Affiliate Program and you can recruit clients who pay $497 & $297 per month for running small automated campaigns for them with Rankcipher!


What are the CONS of Rankcipher?

I don’t know yet!!!

I’ll report back once I’ve purchased and received the product.

I do believe there may be some charge for a CAPTCHA Service Cost and it may be quite technical at first!

I am planning to develop some brand new websites so that nothing goes wrong with my currently strong Google Ranking Websites!

So, after struggling for over a year to really understand SEO, this Rankcipher Review reveals that SEO done for you is possible!

Google Page #1 here we come!



PS Update : Purchased Product

What are the Cons of Rankcipher

  • Too many Upsells and despite Prelaunch “Deals” fairly pricey
  • Hopefully does not have same problem in future with other “Backlink” and Blackhat SEO companies that “got lazy” according to one video excerpt and ruined trust with automated SEO Backlinking Software
  • I imagine this will be a fair learning curve as there is a lot to do – my main fear is ruining a Website that as a rank Newbie took me 1 year to perfect!

Stay tuned!



PS Update Day #2 since launch of Rankcipher…I recommend utilizing your money site as either one of these 2 choices rather than using your prexisting big earning sites until proven:

  1. Youtube Review Site done reviewing Rankcipher
  2. Create some quick new sites to cipher for backlinks
  3. Quora.com Articles
  4. Blogspot.com Blogs

PPS Update Day #3 Post-Launch of Rankcipher….my new favourite SEO Tool! So here’s why:

  1. Now have 14 links while I slept
  2. Google up 4 postions: Google Position 20 Page 2 on March 26, 2017 according to JAAXY
  3. Google Position 24 on Page 3 on March 23, 2017 also according to JAAXY (SEO Keyword Tool)
  4. I did nothing except take a Screen Shot!
  5. Fingers Crossed!!!

Google Page #1 Here I Come!!!




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