Black Friday Wealthy Affiliate Discount

Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated primarily in the United States on the Fourth Thursday of every November. In Canada, the holiday occurs in mid-October. The celebration references the first “harvest” that the Pilgrims held – a feast lasting 3 whole days – which included American First Nations Indigenous peoples.


Black Friday is the following Friday after Thanksgiving. It is generally regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping frenzy. Most retailers begin to offer promotional prices and sales galore to entice early-bird shoppers.

Soon Amazon will put together an Amazon Black Friday Deals Specials page.

Best Buy also has a Featured Deals page as do I’m sure many other retailers.

These 2 holidays are also crucial for Affiliate Marketers – they are the precursor sales build-up time prior to the Christmas onslaught!

Black Friday Wealthy Affiliate Discount
Black Friday Wealthy Affiliate Discount

If you don’t have Amazon Associate Status or an eCommerce Website or a Shopify or Etsy Store then look out – you need to get busy!!!

In general though, make sure that all your landing pages and website updates are in keeping with the Thanksgiving and Black Friday themes.

Provide a “FREE-BIE” offer (eBook, Training Course etc) for the Giving Thanks portion of your offer and follow with the Black Friday discounted Wealthy Affiliate Membership offer ($299 annual versus $359 annual or $49 monthly)!

I’ll keep you posted when it gets closer to Thanksgiving and Black Friday because we don’t want to miss the time to earn money!

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