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Mobile Search SEO 2018

Google Search BarTrying to stay 2 steps ahead of buyers’ patterns is key in this competitive online marketing world.

By monitoring key search words, Google can advise of trends and increased traffic.

Over-all the trend is away from specific topics to more broad terms.

Ideas are Key

Ideas are Key

Buyers are looking for “IDEAS” of which product to buy.

According to, searches including the word “IDEAS” on mobile devices have increased greater than 55% over the past 2 years.

You Tube Videos on mobile devices have increased viewing times of over 135% if the term “IDEAS” is included in the search.

Some examples of Shopper Searches:

  • Gift Ideas for Moms
  • Gift Ideas under $100
  • Golfer Gift Ideas

Lists Are Popular

Lists Provide Inspiration

Sometimes it helps to look at other people’s lists and ideas to provide inspiration and insight into the newest and latest and greatest products to purchase.

The word “LIST” in searches on mobile devices have increased over 150% over the past two years. 

Some examples of Shopper Searches incude:

  • Back Country Skier Shopping List
  • Advanced Hair Braiding Tools List
  • Medical School Equipment Check List


Brands are Increasing in Searches

Often potential customers know only what they want in general and not the specific brand.

Searches with the term “BRANDS” have increased in mobile arena by 80% over the past 2 years.

The term “TOP OR BEST _____ BRANDS”  searches on mobile devices have increased by 95% over the past 2 years.

Some examples are:

  • Top Women’s Clothing Brands
  • Best Winter Weather Parka Brands
  • Designer Luggage Brands

Search Statistics

So remember these search terms IDEA, LIST and BRAND when creating your SEO Blog and You Tube Title Posts!

Who knows, your Click Rates could greatly increase as these stats have shown! 


Think With Google

How shoppers find ideas and inspiration

Jan 2018 / Search, Micro-Moments


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