We Are In The Lead Generation Business If We Want To Make Money Online

Lead Generation

LeadsIf you want to Make Money Online you have to realize one thing: that you are in the “LEAD GENERATION BUSINESS”!

Generating new leads or potential customers is really the number one thing that you must know how to do and continue to do to be successful earning online.

You can get stuck in choosing templates for websites and spend hours on niche choices or fiddle and futz about with all kinds of technical plugins etc but if you are not expert in “LEAD GENERATION” your business will not survive!

I learned this from an expert in the online world – someone who is continually on the Leaderboards of every business I join online. He says that he learned this from his mentor. He wrote it our on a huge piece of paper that he kept posted above his computers to remind him every day!

After watching this video you will get an idea how LEAD GENERATION “on steroids” can work for you and your business!


What is Lead Generation?

Leads are people who share with you information about themselves (particularly their EMAIL ADDRESS) so that you can share with them (sell to them) your offers.

It works best if you are offering to them a solution to a problem that they are trying to solve. For example, in this case, with this easy-moneys.com website post I am trying to help you, the reader, to find solutions on how to build your EMAIL LIST from your website.

Please consider joining the website in the video above that has worked beautifully for me to grow my buying EMAIL LIST  to over 700 customers in 2 years.

There are several different levels:

  • CLICK HERE NOW: FREE LEAD SYSTEM -join free and stay free forever or level up
  • CLICK HERE NOW: LEAD LIGHTENING -join for $7 one time only & sell for endless $6 commissions
  • CLICK HERE NOW: POWER LEAD SYSTEM -join for $30/month & earn $20/month as an Affiliate

If you want to read more articles about this system of online tools, take a look at the following previous easy-moneys.com articles:




These articles may help you to learn more about Lead Generation and how this system of online tools can work to solve your issues.

There are Other Websites For Lead Generation

Global Moneyline


I have looked all over the Internet for tried and true LEAD GENERATING websites since I started on my Online journey. I discovered this site on November 6, 2016 from another online mentor. As of March 23, 2018 I now have 256,455 members in my Moneyline .

No List = No MoneyThe exit-popup on the Moneyline website could never be more true:


You can create stunning websites with wonderful products and services and offers but if noone comes to your “store” then noone is sharing their money with you!

It is imperative that you create a group of buyer leads online or you will never succeed in this arena!

Offering An Irresistible Product

It is very difficult to sell products and/or services that have no value. You may get away with it once, but your online trust will be shot from then on with that buyer!

My #1 recommendation for making money online is an Affiliate Marketing Training and Mentoring Platform with over 1.3 MILLION members.

It is the cornerstone to develop your websites and learn how to properly launch your online business from scratch.

There is live 24/7/365 support and weekly live trainings and you can even join for FREE and 2 Free Websites forever!

The “Secret Sauce” of Lead Generation – Create a System

SystemThe secret to lead generation is to create a linking of several different systems, such as in the infographic to the right, to each other to do the work for you.

In my case, I have linked the systems mentioned above to create a system that works for me and should also work for you.

Link the FREE LEAD SYSTEM with WEALTHY AFFILIATE and then advertise them at GLOBAL MONEYLINE! That’s it!



Remember, “we are in the lead generation business if we want to make money online”! We are not in the “Make Money Online” business. Think of people first, not of earning money. Create solutions for people’s problems.

Search Google for the most searched problems for 2018! Check out YouTube for the most popular videos. Do you have an area of expertise that can help people?

Utilize Lead Generating Websites combined with your offer! Make it easier for your team to systematize your online work.

If you are new to the online earning world, just consider joining all 3 of the website platforms that I have shared with you ablove! You can easily get started to earn commissions with all 3 as you build your email list of potential customers.


Are you new to the concept of Online Business?

Are you finding it difficult to have a valuable product or service to offer online?

Do you have trouble finding leads and building your email list?

Does any of this seem insurmountable to you?

Do not dismay…just join the websites above and start “earning while learning” today!



PS Feel free to like or share or comment or critique below and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

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