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Wealthy Affiliate is an Online Educational Website that provides Training and Website Building on WordPress to create your Online Business along with 800,000 Online Entrepreneurs.

The exciting brand new feature that has just been released is the SiteContent 1,000,000 Optimized Images feature – and at no extra cost to Wealthy Affiliate Members!

No more searching all over the net to find the perfect image for your Website Business!

No more worrying: “Is the image really FREE?” and “Is it safe from copyright infringement”?Wealthy Afilliate 1 Million Optimized Images

Images That Match Your Content

Images can be relevant and irrelevant.

The most powerful writing comes alive if the images are compelling and beautiful and evoke emotional responses.

When you see a photo of a beautiful tropical deserted beach and you are freezing on a cold icy winter’s day you just want to hop in a plane and go sip on coconut milk and surf the waves!

That’s marketing!

Tropical Beach at easy-moneys.com

Marketing With Imagery

You know the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”?

Well, for marketing to people’s emotions that statement is never more true!

Don’t you just keep looking back at that pristine beach with the coconut palm tree and YOUR small boat off in the distance near the YOUR ISLAND!

Yes, with Online Businesses, as long as you have a phone or tablet or laptop and an Internet Connection have idea will travel!

Sex sells at easy-moneys.com

And didn’t this article just get juicier? Sex sells! And a photo like the one above keeps your eye on the page longer! Doesn’t it?

Sex SellsBut so does Fear…so does Scarcity… and many other human emotions.And that is key.If you want to make PROFITS by selling something to someone else, you need to understand what their needs and wants are even before they do.One of the best ways to figure out your potential customers’ needs and wants is to listen – really listen- and ask questions.Don’t pitch your thoughts beliefs and ideas to anyone!I call this my “Patented Non-Sales Sales Approach”!Ask potential clients, customers, partners – even your spouse and family – “What is it that you really want and I will help you get there”!

Questions & Answers @ easy-moneys.com

Wealthy Affiliate Offers All Online Business People Answers. We all want and need and can share more MONEY!MONEY is simply ENERGY!We trade MONEY for SERVICES and PRODUCTS and EXPERIENCES!We share MONEY with PEOPLE for their expertise! The Wealthiest people on Earth – BILLIONAIRES & TRILLIONAIRES don’t shy away from MONEY and focus all their energies night and day on their MONETARY GOALS!Wealthy Affiliate can help you get there!From the  FREE TO JOIN WEALTHY AFFILIATE  to YOUR FIRST MONTH AT WEALTHY AFFILIATE FREE to a MONTHLY FEE OF AROUND $50 you too can learn how to create Websites like this one – in fact you get 2 SiteRubix WEBSITES FOR FREE FOREVER – simply by JOINING FOR FREE!

$1 at https://millionairestobillionaires.com/

Become a “Dollar-aire” to “Hundred-aire” to “Thousand-aire” to “Million-aire” to “Billion-aire” today – don’t delay!

BECOME WEALTHY TODAY – DO NOT DELAY!So……The gauntlet has been thrown!Stop sitting on the “fence-of-your-life”!Join the rest of us “living the LAPTOP-LIFESTYLE”!Do you want to be at home to meet your children when they get home from school?Do you want to work when you want to work?Do you want to travel the world while you earn a substantial recurring passive income?Whatever your “WHY”, serve others and your life will change!JOIN WEALTHY AFFILIATE NOW just by entering your email and taking the Program out for a test-drive and start earning today!I am available 24/7/365 to help you!

Success at Wealthy Afffiliate

Thank You For Reading This Wealthy Affiliate Post!I appreciate your interest in earning money online!Let me help YOU!I was a complete computer – newbie 2 years ago!I joined Wealthy Affiliate January 2016 and started earning November 2016 and life has never looked better!Join the Wealthy Affiliate family!Dive right in!The water is warm!

Hot Springs at Wealthy Affiliate Lifestyle







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