Wealthy Affiliate Start-Up Video 2019

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Wealthy Affiliate Start-Up Video 2019

This is your personal invitation to change your life and enjoy success working from home! If you do not start in 2018, when will you start? There is no time like the present to JOIN OVER 1.4 MILLION ONLINE ENTREPRENEURS AT WEALTHY AFFILIATE!

Thriving Online Business
Thriving Online Business

There are over 4 BILLION people online!

There are over 488 Amazon products to promote!

There are over 100,000 Affiliate Programs to join!

There are over 600 MILLION Affiliate Products/Services!

The Online World is your oyster…all you need to do is learn how to search for the “pearls of wisdom” to achieve your wealth building dreams!

Wealthy Affiliate is the corner-stone to learn how begin Affiliate Marketing the “right way”.

No gimmicks! No “Get Rich Quick” Schemes! Simple, hard work! And plenty of “pearls of wisdom” from successful affiliate marketers.

Wealthy Affiliate is easy to join as you will see in the following video. No credit card information is required to join for FREE. The FREE Starter Membership lasts for 7 days. Enter your name and email password then create a username or use one suggested for you! It is that simple! The entire video take 11:00 minutes to watch! Spend the 11:00 minutes and change your life today!

  • To watch the video full screen, please click on the YouTube wording on the bottom right of the video.

What Do I Do Now That I Have Joined Wealthy Affiliate For Free?

Getting Started at Wealthy Affiliate 2018
Getting Started at Wealthy Affiliate 2019

The most important thing to do once you JOIN WEALTHY AFFILIATE FOR FREE is to begin your training certification at the GREEN GETTING STARTED button.

You may want to begin by jumping into the Live Chat and “Following” other members and all that is fine but the training should be first and foremost when your mind is fresh at it each time you login to Wealthy Affiliate. You may become surprised at how addictive and fun this platform can be but first and foremost it is your business. In order for your online business to succeed you must deal with business first.

Some suggestions:

  • create a schedulle – annual, monthly, weekly, daily and hourly goals and guidelines
  • take notes in a Wealthy Affiliate notebook or binder
  • post “post-it” notes for items not-to-forget
  • create checklists – steps for blog posts etc

These are just a few items of organization to start; you will thank yourself later when things become more complex.

Please Review My “2019 Wealthy Affiliate Review – Free Versus Premium Wealthy Affiliate Membership”

There is a reason that I am requesting for you to read my “2019 Wealthy Affiliate Review – Free Versus Premium Wealthy Affiliate Membership”.

The reasons are as follows:

    1. You need to fully understand what you are selling when you promote WA
    1. You are going to be guided to write your own specific WA Review so it helps to see what others have written
  1. To get an idea of the power of a WA Website Blog
Easy-moneys.com 2018 Wealthy Affiliate Review
Easy-moneys.com 2018 Wealthy Affiliate Review

Now that you have a good understanding of the type of website blog that can be used to promote the Wealthy Affiliate Platform for commissions, we will return to the Green Getting Started Training.


  • building an online business takes time
  • it takes time to learn and apply new skills
  • Google takes 6 months to really recognize a well crafted website
  • think long term
  • the website business is cumulative – get it right from the very beginning

“Get Started Here” Certification Courses (5 Levels)

WA Certification Courses Level 1 of 5
WA Certification Courses Level 1 of 5

The course you will be using is called Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC). My recommendation is to start at Lesson 1 and check off all the tasks as you complete them for this lesson.

Then go on to Lesson 2 and complete these tasks as well.

That should be enough for Day 1 of your online Wealthy Affiliate journey.

I recommend to let these first 2 lessons  of Level 1 circulate in your brain overnight. These are brand new concepts and vocabulary and everything takes time to understand and integerate and execute.

If you feel energized, as most of us do when we login to Wealthy Affiliate each day, go ahead and mingle in Live Chat and test out some of the Premium Features that you have available to you during your first FREE Starter Week to see if you like them.

Rest Up and Return for the Next Steps of Wealthy Affiliate Training

I hope you are happy that you have joined Wealthy Affiliate for FREE for the Starter Membership! It is important to take rests between working at your laptop on this business and return tomorrow for your next steps feeling refreshed and renewed.

What did you think of the first 2 lessons of Level 1 of the Online Entrepreneur Certification?

Were they too advanced? Too simple? Easy or difficult to understand and implement? Any suggestions for improvement?

The great thing about Wealthy Affiliate promoting websites and YouTube Videos is that they are there ad-infinitum (indefinitely) for you to review as many times as you wish!

I am just beginning on my journey to produce instructional YouTube Videos. I appreciate your patience with my learning voice and volume control! Hopefully my skills will improve gradually just as my blogging (writing) skills and affiliate marketing skills have improved!

There are Many Ways to Make Money Online – Wealthy Affiliate Teaches Affiliate Marketing

Just to be perfectly clear, there are many ways to earn money online:

  • Affiliate Marketing (promoting products/services for commission)
  • Email Marketing
  • eCommerce
  • DropShipping
  • Membership Websites

And others.

Wealthy Affiliate primarily trains you in Affiliate Marketing. Many people are in the “Make Money Online (MMO)” Niche and promote Wealthy Affiliate alone.

Many other people have niche websites and sell Amazon products or Clickbank products etc.

This will become more clear to you as you gain an understanding of the big-picture! Eventually you will want to develop several diverse streams of income so as not to have all of your eggs in one basket! But we will get to that in future blogs.

I would very much like for you to read my Easy-moneys.com “How To Get Started at Affiliate Marketing & Making Money Online in 2018” in preparation for your second day at Wealthy Affiliate!

This will prepare you for the lessons to come.

Wealthy Affiliate Start-Up Video 2019

I hope you enjoyed reading this article on Wealthy Affiliate as much as I have in writing it!

Even moreso, I hope you have jumped in for the ride and JOINED FREE TODAY!

If not, keep us in mind! There is no safer and superior Educational Platform for Making Money Online in my humble opinion!

I think you’ll be back!


PS Please like or share or leave comments below and I will get back to you ASAP!

PPS If you are interested in learning how to do YouTube Videos to embed into your own websites for superior Google Ranking, stay tuned for future videos from me, Rich Girl, at my You Tube Channel “Rich Girl”.

10 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Start-Up Video 2019

  1. Dave Reply

    Hi there,

    I completely agree with you, wealthy affiliate is such a darling to think that I joined without any knowledge of making websites or affiliate marketing and right now I am doing just fine with traffic increasing every day. I love the support of the community and keyword research tool, they have been definite winning tools for me.
    I would recommend this to anyone out there especially the beginners.

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi Dave!

      Thank you so very much for taking the time to comment on my easy-moneys.com website article: ” Wealthy Affiliate Start-Up Video 2018″!

      I am glad that you joined Wealthy Affiliate and are having success with it online!

      easy-moneys.com Admin

  2. Ilias Reply

    These numbers make me excited. 600 millions products to promote to a huge number of possible buyers.

    I would be happy with only a small part of this huge audience.

    Wealthy Affiliate sounds as interesting program to learn how this business works. I will check it.

    Do you learn to promote any product you want or it has specific suggestions?

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi Ilias! 

      Thank you very much for taking the time to comment on my easy-moneys.com website article: “Wealthy Affiliate Start-Up Video 2018”!

      I agree wholeheartedly – 600 million products is certainly enough to go around!

      You can really promote any product that you choose – be creative!

      Best of success to you on your online earning journey!

      Easy-moneys.com Admin

      PS Take a look at my Amazon Affiliate Website basicaidpack.com for an idea of how to structure an Amazon Affiliate  Website – this one Features First Aid Kits as the Keyword!

  3. Alex Reply

    I couldn’t agree with you more.Whoever has any inclination to writing and selling, affiliate marketing is playing field for them. Numbers you show are so convincing that if I wasn’t already a member of Wealthy Affiliate I would have joined after reading your post. To reiterate your main point: Wealthy Affiliate is what any beginner should be looking for. Literally, they take you by hand and take you through all necessary steps.
    Thanks for the great post

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi Alex!

      Thank you for taking the time to comment on my easy-moneys.com website article: “Wealthy Affiliate Start-Up Video 2018”!

      I’m glad to hear that the way I presented the numbers for joining Wealthy Affiliate made it irresistible – unless you are already a member, as is the case!


  4. mike Reply

    Hi I like the way you start this post with the figures for people online and how many products there are to promote as an affiliate marketer.

    And all of that is fueled by the billions of dollars spent online every year. I think everybody with a computer and internet service should learn how to build a website, myself. And I know from experience that there’s simply no other place to learn online marketing that compares with Wealthy Affiliate.


    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi Mike!

      Thank you so very much for taking the time to comment on my easy-moneys.com website article: “WealthyAffiliate Start-Up Video 2018”!

      Your very kind words are much appreciated! I agree that the online market is endless and growing for Affiliate Marketing and that WealthyAffiliate is the best place to learn the skills!


  5. Paul Reply

    This article is a real eye-opener and for many reasons. The amount of users and people shopping on the internet is truly staggering and once you have made a decision and with 100,000 affiliate programs on offer, there’s gotta be something for everyone no matter your passion or interest.
    Wealthy Affiliate is a highly recommended Affiliate program and from what you’ve informed us here with I can understand why.The world really is your oyster

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi Paul!

      Thank you so very much for taking the time to comment on my easy-moneys.com website article: “Wealthy Affiliate Start-Up Video 2018”!

      I am very glad that you found the information useful and motivating!

      You are so right…with >100,000 affiliate programs there is something for everyone online!!!


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